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KeepWagging t1_itt3m43 wrote

Some advice:

Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon.

I hope her legs don't break... walking on the moon.


M_T_Head t1_itt93tu wrote

Feet they hardly touch the ground

Walking on the moon

My feet don't hardly make no sound

Walking on, walking on the moon


themerinator12 t1_itta5wi wrote

Lmao I was coming here to make a Sting joke


_taijitu_ t1_itu4ogs wrote

The Police would like a word.


themerinator12 t1_itzkl4i wrote

Allow me to rephrase: I know it's a song by The Police, but my joke would've been about Sting walking on the moon somehow. The Police is just going to be a weird subject of the joke due to their name and slightly confusing.


Riegel_Haribo t1_itsw1g8 wrote

"No social media links" - so post an article reporting on someone's twitter?


djamp42 t1_itu6nu1 wrote

Crazy, I read the title and I thought it was gonna be some 1960s video. I can't believe I'm 40 and have never seen anyone go to the moon. You would think we would have at least 1 mission in that time.


CannaCosmonaut t1_itua1gk wrote

Leveraging the cold war for quick cash and public support was obviously a mistake in hindsight. NASA had a whole program planned called "Apollo Applications". Michael Collins talked about it in his book "Carrying the Fire", he was part of the group selecting the astronauts for that program. The general public, thinking the only goal was to beat the Soviets to the lunar surface, would not have allowed it and congress didn't fund it. They went on to build Skylab. Better than nothing, I suppose.

I wish the soviets had beat NASA.


[deleted] t1_ituvoa9 wrote



CannaCosmonaut t1_ituwgpz wrote

Had the Soviets beat us to the moon, more money would have been poured into NASA to catch up and one-up. It's pretty simple, but I guess so are you


skaterrj t1_itwoggo wrote

They did best the US to orbit, so there's some logic to what you're saying. I just don't think we have enough attention span to keep anything of that scale going. Or money.


Darth_Cody t1_itu5uwe wrote

Your title sounds like a page from a children’s picture book


starhoppers t1_itwe15r wrote

Don’t hold your breath folks….ain’t no human lunar landing mission coming up anytime soon!


antiquote t1_ittr8kd wrote

A much better idea than practicing with the secondary astronaut.


30crlh t1_itu32y7 wrote

Soon enough she'll be ready to play in a The Police cover group.