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RavenChopper t1_ir1fyhf wrote

Maybe a set of satellites linked together with a steel mesh "net" (kind of like how we clean up the Pacific Ocean).

Four satellites, in a diamond pattern; with a net splayed between them?


Noctudeit t1_ir1i3eq wrote

Have you seen the damage even small pieces of space debris can do? At those speeds, stuff rips right through steel like it's butter.


RavenChopper t1_ir1ok3b wrote

Oh I've seen the pictures of what a speck of paint does to a aluminum block (with a huge crater).

I was just thinking out loud.



shiftycansnipe t1_ir1hb10 wrote

Shredded by relative speeds. A net wouldn’t stop something traveling at thousands of feet per second, and if it was going slower, it’s take literal millennia to clean ip