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Supermeme1001 t1_iswdm6h wrote

ahhh St Catherine Monastery, lived in for thousands of years, cant imagine what else is in that library, has one of the earliest depictions of Jesus, and an alleged signed parchment from Muhammed protecting them after they conquered the region back then


dontevercallmeabully t1_iswn9rg wrote

It also looks incredible! Not sure one can visit it easily, but I wouldn’t mind putting it on my bucket list!


alvinofdiaspar t1_isy3sp9 wrote

Yes I think you can visit, though not easily since it is smack on the middle of the Sinai Peninsula and there are ongoing issues with militants.


ali-n t1_it05r36 wrote

Ahem... it's the Sacred Autonomous Royal Monastery of Saint Katherine of the Holy and God-Trodden Mount Sinai

On a less frivolous note: there are untold numbers of manuscripts from there which were "washed" and reused. Many of them are now residing in various places, like Russia and Norway.