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mynextthroway t1_iu5qjgo wrote

I get that websites need to generate at least enough money to pay for themselves, but an average of 2 sentences per ad is crazy.


50k-runner t1_iu76c2u wrote

I think that's great. Buy Dominos pizza. In fact, I've decided to have my own comments sponsored. Buy Ford cars. So everything other sentence is now an advertisement. Buy Tide detergent. I hope it's not too distracting. Buy Samsung televisions. In any case, that's a cool picture!


kingsillypants t1_iu8i4bu wrote

¹reminds me of watching the nba and nfl.

Game on the line with 20 seconds left? Let's take younout of the experience and play a commercial.


JayGeezey t1_iu772eu wrote

My favorite part was the fact they're like "it's SPOOOOKYYY!!!" in the title. It's literally just like, a different angle from the original famous image of the pillars of creation, there's nothing spooky about it.

Got to get those clicks I guess though!


PM_ME_UR_ASS_GIRLS t1_iu7bzo5 wrote

Looks pretty spooky to me. Like apparitions appearing out of a dark mist.

I also see a hand throwing up the horns 🤘

A lot of shapes/images pop out to me in this picture. It's a really amazing one.


besttshirtsever t1_iu89yzp wrote

As overlay on top of / blocking the photo... ffs.


zeeblecroid t1_iu996z8 wrote

That specific site's been uselessly bad for awhile. At this point they're basically mirroring/rephrasing other, better sites' articles, so there's nothing really lost by not going there.


Jaracuda t1_iu8sakk wrote

Like I've said before, it shouldn't be allowed to link non NASA sites for NASA photos


semicertain9 t1_iu92h0t wrote

Good lord. I was not expecting getting the feeling of reading a good sci-fi but kinda sad!


jbeezcrazy t1_iu94rtm wrote

I wish I was smart enough to understand what that means. My brain reads “mid infrared, blah, blah, blah”. Stunning photo, though.


Intelligent_Moose_48 t1_iu6w9ez wrote

It’s so wild to try to imagine the sheer scale of these things. Lightyears across.


Zenki_s14 t1_iu6zwpq wrote

5 lightyears across, 1 lightyear being 6 trillion miles or 9 trillion km. Just completely unfathomable. And the pillars are just a small feature of the Eagle nebula. Wild indeed


-NGC-6302- t1_iu5vcbb wrote

Ah yes, snap is how these images are gotten


jbcraigs t1_iu5z2sq wrote

Pfft! Obviously not.

You also have to apply some additional snapchat filters.


Aquadorf t1_iu5q0ku wrote

You can’t do this to me. The first line of the title for me reads “JWST snaps”. My heart sunk for a second before I managed to read all of it.


Zakluor t1_iu5wcwu wrote

Yeah, another user said something similar about the use of the word: these are time exposures, not 'snapshots'. It's a poor choice of word for more than one reason.


bDsmDom t1_iu5znac wrote

I like spooky things.

I also like telescope things.

Spooky telescope things?!


lie-berry t1_iu73iz0 wrote

Gorgeous photos of an iconic nebula. At first I thought “these pictures aren’t right-side-up” and then I thought, “oh yeah, there’s no such thing as ‘up’”


efferkah t1_iu6gzx2 wrote

How is that super spooky? Don't get me wrong: the images are amazing. But I was more in awe than spooked. I don't get the title ... unless it was yet another clickbait thing...


slackday t1_iu6y115 wrote

It’s just the spooky season right now 👻


falubiii t1_iu6quu7 wrote

They mapped the color palette to a spooky ghostly white with an orange background.


EpicForgetfulness t1_iu76q3q wrote

It might have been mental conditioning from the title or the colors or both but I swear it looks like there's some kind of demon creature thing's face in roughly the lower middle of the left-most column. Try to unsee it once you see it.


kazuno t1_iu5sw3k wrote

Look like a couple of long-necked brothas pointin at some shit but when u zoom out it look like one long neck dude wit a gun, ol brontosaurus neck ass tryin to rob someone out here


Glow354 t1_iu71zrb wrote

Dude i went to your profile for more content like this and was disappointed there wasn’t any can you do more


AsusTec t1_iu6bbgo wrote

whats that thing bolting somewhere in the upper middle quarter of the image, a bit to the left?


InVivoVeritas t1_iu77dal wrote

Anyone know where to get a high res download of it?


Benzjie t1_iu891gy wrote

I love this image..,and it's a great wallpaper, too.


julie78787 t1_iu5tyzx wrote

All Hail our Praying Mantis Overlords.

I welcome our insect brethren to my house.

I’ve got spiders to feed!


wingwraith t1_iu6vqm6 wrote

I had not been super impressed by images from Webb until these came out.


Transfotaku t1_iu75xsx wrote

How is that "spooky"? Tell us, validate your use of the word.