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RedBaret t1_iu9wqtp wrote

You cannot solve problems by just throwing money at them. You need people who are motivated, who want to innovate and who are proud to work for their company.

Amazon has a track record of treating their employees like shit time after time and instead of making them feel valued making them feel easily replaceable.


the_way_finder t1_iua1bpn wrote

I feel like Musk really wants to go to space

I feel like Bezos is doing it because he can

Mindset is important. It determines your milestones and your day to day


RedBaret t1_iua49rk wrote

Yes I feel like, as with Amazons attempt at other things such as a fantasy series, they are only in it for the money.

Musk is obviously also in it for the money, but he comes from a place where he really wants space exploration and colonization to be a thing.

It’s telling when Musk hasn’t gone to space, but Bezos did and treated it like some glamour PR stunt.


jamqdlaty t1_iub9hhj wrote

What stuck in my mind was Elon’s interview with Everyday Astronaut after the presentation of the first Starship prototype. He couldn’t stop talking with him knowing he’s a guy who understands what Starship is and knows quite a lot about rockets. The best part was that there were other reporters waiting for Elon and being frustrated. Elon was so pumped about the idea of Starship that he wanted to talk about it with people who understand rather than just regular reporters.


ZeroGrav4 t1_iuaab5g wrote

Couple of pieces of interesting context that I can add here. Source is a friend who works for BO.

BO talks about being in the middle of a transition from a research institute to a manufacturing company. That's a hard change to make and they started that shift later than SpaceX did.

Their hiring process also specifically looks for people who are interested in "The Mission" of building infrastructure in space. For some roles you write an essay (1 page max) about why you're interested in space in general.

The pay at BO is laughably low compared to Amazon comp, but the work/life balance is apparently amazing. Still, that makes it difficult to hire and retain talent in key areas. From what I hear though the manufacturing and physical engineering side of things is league a better than places like Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrop.

18 months ago they had about 4500 employees, and they've almost doubled that now. Hiring has slowed but not stopped, and from what I gather there's some subset or employees who see BO as a good place to weather out a recession since it's not a public company and is privately funded.

Parts of the company are still WFH currently, and individuals have been hired as full remote, but the assumption is that they'll force people in to an office at some point. This includes the tech workers, who aren't happy about that, which feeds into making it difficult to retain talent.