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the_way_finder t1_iua1bpn wrote

I feel like Musk really wants to go to space

I feel like Bezos is doing it because he can

Mindset is important. It determines your milestones and your day to day


RedBaret t1_iua49rk wrote

Yes I feel like, as with Amazons attempt at other things such as a fantasy series, they are only in it for the money.

Musk is obviously also in it for the money, but he comes from a place where he really wants space exploration and colonization to be a thing.

It’s telling when Musk hasn’t gone to space, but Bezos did and treated it like some glamour PR stunt.


jamqdlaty t1_iub9hhj wrote

What stuck in my mind was Elon’s interview with Everyday Astronaut after the presentation of the first Starship prototype. He couldn’t stop talking with him knowing he’s a guy who understands what Starship is and knows quite a lot about rockets. The best part was that there were other reporters waiting for Elon and being frustrated. Elon was so pumped about the idea of Starship that he wanted to talk about it with people who understand rather than just regular reporters.