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JcoolTheShipbuilder t1_is95mus wrote

Jupiter trogans
they orbit at jupiter's L4 and L5 lagrange points


EmpiricalBreakfast OP t1_is95qxa wrote

T H A N K Y O U I’ve been reading all on Lagrange points and I don’t get shit but LETS GO TROJANS


Commishw1 t1_is94vpq wrote

Jupiter drags the whole asteroid belt along with it in orbit.


space-ModTeam t1_is9e2gr wrote

Hello u/EmpiricalBreakfast, your submission "I have forgotten something. There are objects that follow in Jupiter's orbit around the sun. Not moons, but asteroid satellites that follow behind and in front. What are they called? I had thought it was Jovian Satellites but that seems to just mean moon." has been removed from r/space because:

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