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StrawberryWaste3012 t1_is7se7z wrote

A gamma ray burst reached Earth. Are we dead? Is purgatory just like my normal life forever?


Ok-Lengthiness4557 t1_is879l0 wrote

You got it, but with max covid restrictions.... and no internet.


Maverick_1882 t1_is89uel wrote

I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank piña coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn’t I get that day over, and over, and over…


Makenchi45 t1_is9b5fl wrote

Maybe we are about to be because the impact is about to hit after the detection? Least it won't take long...


Fredasa t1_is9ugeg wrote

Without checking the article, my guess is that it was a burst that was pointed somewhat more in our direction than normal.


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Makenchi45 t1_is9b8zn wrote

Are we sure?


fixminer t1_is9m3jr wrote

That there is no danger? Well, if there was, we'd already be dead.


LegitimateGift1792 t1_isb2cdw wrote

What if this is a prelude to war, aka a shot across our bow, cosmically speaking. /s


DellSalami t1_is9vztm wrote

Hypothetically, how close could a GRB come to earth without killing us? If it passes through the solar system but manages to miss everything, does it still cause damage by proximity?


Earthling7228320321 t1_ises3t6 wrote

I've known about GRBs for a long time. The old gunshots of the universe and all.

But what I've only recently learned of is the phenomena of a magnatars crust cracking, which apparently produces a star quake, which is like the bomb of the universe and can wipe life out for lightyears around it.

I also heard that we have no such known candidates for this in our neighborhood of the galaxy. Which is prolly good.

Still tho, magnetars need more research. They seem extraordinarily fascinating.


Anoobis_117 t1_is9g3ki wrote

that's the thing that destroyed all the dark matter in NGC 1052-DF4

source: imagine bro?