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igneousink t1_it4spoy wrote

specifically elon, i guess

the whole thing feels like an ego trip and yeah i get it, i guess i would be all out there too if i was rich, but there's a lax-ness that is concerning on his part


phred14 t1_it5bdnh wrote

I used to think of him as Heinlein's "D.D. Harriman" (The Man Who Sold the Moon) in real life. But the more he shoots his mouth off and pulls silly stunts, the more I think of his Mars ideas as the Ultimate Doomsday Prepper, with plans for an out of this world bunker - on Mars.

To be fair, he did more than anyone else to push acceptance of electric cars, to take them from boring to desirable. He also moved the launch business to re-usable and closer to commonplace.

But when he opens his mouth, it can make it hard to remember the good things.


nowakezones t1_it6qbpm wrote

Laxness like perfect execution, over and over and over again?

Elon has his personal flaws, but SpaceX is not one of them.


igneousink t1_it8d2xv wrote

You do have a point and I appreciate the commentary.

Gives me something to think about.