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aleksfadini t1_iskn8nw wrote

By Stefanie Waldek published about 4 hours ago Phaethon is just the 11th known asteroid to demonstrate a changing rotational period.

(Clickbait defeated)


boundegar t1_iskkq5b wrote

That's just the attitude control system. Impact isn't for another five years.


zoinkability t1_ism33ep wrote

It just tucked its arms and legs in, then extended them again


ProphetMoham t1_isngr4c wrote

It's speeding up in it's rotation gradually, by 4ms a year.

Isn't it save to assume the asteroid either loses mass, or it's mass is somehow pulled towards the center? And if it's pulled towards the center, isn't a possible explanation that it has a liquid core, since rotating liquids pull mass towards the center?