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nialltg t1_irmzyhh wrote

nothing to do with minerals really, as you can see from this map. the colours in this picture don’t relate to anything you can see in the geological map in this link


-SmackMyBitchUp- t1_irocpc4 wrote

I'm confused. You say it isn't about minerals, but show me a mineral map. It's just oversaturation of an exposure I believe so its the reflection of the elements since the moon doesn't have much of an atmosphere to distort or block it, and it's pretty dang close, relatively speaking.


nialltg t1_irocxwj wrote

you notice how the colours in the picture and the colours in the map don’t align? that shows the colours cannot be representing different minerals.


-SmackMyBitchUp- t1_irp1adm wrote're being sarcastic right?

Edit fortunately I follow this person on insta so I can see her awesome posts, even her explanation says:

"A northern lunar portion shows minerals reflecting different colors which including Iron, Oxygen, Silicon, and titanium."