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MarkHamillsrightnut t1_iu9r071 wrote

Twelve times the mass of our Sun and located about 1,550 light-years from Earth. Saved you a click.


davew111 t1_iu9w77d wrote

So the other side of town (astronomically speaking). "In our own backyard" would be Alpha Centauri or Barnards Star kind of distances.


Redbelly98 t1_iubmg81 wrote

>"In our own backyard" would be Alpha Centauri or Barnards Star kind of distances.

The expression is quite vague with lots of wiggle room. 1550 light-years is still a lot closer than the black hole at the center of the galaxy, which is around 30,000 light-years away.


AIpheratz t1_iuafzgh wrote

12 times the mass of the sun is not a "monster" black home. At all.


LaunchTransient t1_iubazrn wrote

To my knowledge that's actually quite a small one. The smallest detected so far is around 3 solar masses, so 12 is not all a "monster".


AIpheratz t1_iucjx7k wrote

Exactly, there are black holes of millions, even billions solar masses, 12 is a floating spec of dust.


carbonqubit t1_iub3c6j wrote

So, about 16.5X closer than Sagittarius A* and 0.0003% its mass.


Kwintin01 t1_iubaaky wrote

Cosmically speaking isnt 12 times our sun pretty small?


Bensemus t1_iubtu1a wrote

That would be quite massive. Our Sun is actually a massive star relative to what’s out there. It’s on the top 10% my mass. The vast majority of stars are tiny.

However compared to how big stars can get even ours is quite small.


RhoynishPrince t1_iu9u0zv wrote

So... Are we f* or not?


Bogmanbob t1_iuamuhy wrote

You know if it drifts here we’re launching 1,000 plus nukes at it regardless of what science says.


TrumpdUP t1_iu9uj3b wrote

Yes. It’ll probably get here in 5-100 years so we might as well prepare accordingly now.


justafang t1_iu9vdft wrote

Prepare to face oblivion by being crushed by gravity?


TheHappyMask93 t1_iua3wnu wrote

Prepared to see the back of your arse while facing forward and also something involving spaghetti? Not sure, only skimmed this part in class


JimJamYimYam t1_iua5omf wrote

We'll definitely be swallowed by our own buttholes but I believe the spaghetti dinner is optional.


OldManJimmers t1_iuah5bc wrote

NGL this is sounding pretty good


JimJamYimYam t1_iualnki wrote

Wearing your own balloon knot like a necklace is significantly underrated. Also, topless bread sticks.


Bighabs27 t1_iudlcq8 wrote

Can we have linguine rather than spaghetti? I prefer the texture


1pencil t1_iuaih8c wrote

Better stock up on toilet paper then