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Stayts t1_is5jwon wrote

It was barium in another gas giant. Saved you a click. No alien shit here.


Aquaticulture t1_is5lbfg wrote

This is /r/Space not /r/aliens.

Every new discovery doesn’t have to be related to aliens to not be click bait.

Although just saying “The heaviest element yet, Barium, has been detected in an exoplanet’s atmosphere.” Would have been easy enough.

This is an interesting discovery though:

> But even so, the scientists were surprised to find barium, which is 2.5 times heavier than iron, in the upper atmospheres of WASP-76 b and WASP-121 b. "Given the high gravity of the planets, we would expect heavy elements like barium to quickly fall into the lower layers of the atmosphere," explains co-author Olivier Demangeon, a researcher also from the University of Porto and IA.


Stayts t1_is5losn wrote

The title also kind of implies the heaviest element known to exist was discovered in the atmosphere.


Sly1969 t1_is5mf4u wrote

I think we can all agree that the title is poorly worded.


Insertclever_name t1_is5orfa wrote

I think you mean perfectly worded. For their goals, anyway. It’s technically the truth and gets clicks on the web page.


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LilSpermCould t1_is5ok6y wrote

I read it the way OP did too. If you're just scanning content to see if you want to read you're probably not reading critically.


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LunarLutra t1_is61d58 wrote

THANK. YOU. Folks if you misread, correct yourselves and move on. Trying to move the goal post so you feel less wrong is such a waste of brain energy.


LilSpermCould t1_is5v0dw wrote

You asked a question, I just gave you my theory.

Thinking about how I parse through my feed. I realized I did the same thing you questioned.

I didn't actually take a position.


Shoshin_Sam t1_is9ukzz wrote

Can you explain why that’s not what it is implying?


TimBrowneye81 t1_is61n3x wrote

There's a large portion of this community that hates clickbait so much they've gone blind and think everything is


TimBrowneye81 t1_is61jrv wrote

It doesn't, your dumb asses just read it that way. The rest of us have common sense


Blazerer t1_is9gt73 wrote

There are some serious mouthbreathers in this sub who do scream "aliens" at literally everything, then get salty when you call them out on it.


agwaragh t1_is8lycy wrote

Enemas, probes, just connect the dots.


thulesgold t1_is6co40 wrote

It's probably a byproduct of the composition of the solid core and volcanism/convection spewing the heavier elements into the gaseous layers which churn for a while.


CostcoTPisBest t1_is9ciwo wrote

There is nothing interesting here. They got a glimpse of a spectra that showed presence of Barium, so what. Considering how exotic the planet is said to be that is of no surprise. Turbulent mixing, volcanism, composition of aelements that are stable and relatively abundant. None of this is surprising, or newsworthy.


magnitudearhole t1_is9kdw1 wrote

Scientists: Read the composition of an atmosphere on a planet 400 ly away, honing their techniques to pull ever more detail from this glimpse of dimmed light from a world unimaginable distances away

Redditor: Nothing interesting