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funkyfunkyfunkyfunkk t1_irqh689 wrote

Can't wait until it's a collective effort instead of the "we did it first" mentality. Obviously countries that don't get along on the ground have been up to a certain point working together in space, but dam, wouldn't it be nice if countries met up and decided that space exploration is beyond our world and pooled resources together? Now that I read that back to myself it seems out of this world actually. I'll leave lol.


Dunemer t1_irt3enj wrote

To some extent I don't think it's necessary a bad thing. Sure collaborating is good but so is competition. Another thing is having two groups working on the same goal might mean that one tries something the other is to focused on their idea to attempt. I'd rather nations make heroes out of astronauts than soldiers and if that means friendly competition (in comparison to an arms race) then I'm fine with it


underwrapz t1_irrnh97 wrote

I would be overjoyed to see some explicit statements to this effect from the various agencies - sharing research, collaborating freely, and all working for a common goal and good.

Humanity is imperilled by our own selfish carelessness, now is not the time to be competitive and secretive in space research of any kind.


-_---_---_-_---_- t1_irtbdvt wrote

Lets hope its not gonna use the sun as an amplifier 🤞