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seanbrockest t1_itcjh4u wrote

Go Go broomsticks!

I'm not sure how Russia ever expected this to go well.


Proud-Butterfly6622 t1_it9c1tq wrote

Good! However, I'm so sad for those astronauts! Boo!!


Adeldor t1_it9exos wrote

These are for two space probes - Euclid and Hera - not astronauts/cosmonauts. Arianespace no longer uses Soyuz for obvious reasons, and development of Ariane 6 is behind schedule.


Belgarath63 t1_itcdk8p wrote

Bet the U.S. is searching for alternative space industries to use for space missions after Musk's current public statements concerning Ukraine and Russia. Musk needs lithium, of which occupied region Ukraine has. The world would do well to help other fledgling space industries get going and eliminate Musk's monoply on it.