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rondonjon t1_iugwkbv wrote

This article has an excellent before and after image. It blows my mind that the before image is the light from the galaxy with the after image just the light from a single star exploding in that galaxy. Or perhaps it’s just the afterglow. Either way that is 2B ly away. Crazy.


Gin-ginna t1_iugx59h wrote

I can feel all my responsibilities slip away as I drift into comfort, knowing my life if fucking miniscule and insignificant compared to what goes on in the cosmos.

I love space


CatharticFarts t1_iujxjtv wrote

Yes but then begs the question "what are we really supposed to do with our seemingly insignificant blip of an existence? what's the point?"


rondonjon t1_iui63w4 wrote

Well, don’t get too comfortable. You still need to eat!


WillowWispFlame t1_iugxj7h wrote

I love that they are calling it the BOAT - Brightest of all Time.


Strange-Ad1209 t1_iugvyha wrote

Luckily Earth is far enough away that it required sensitive instruments to detect it. That kind of energy blasted towards Earth within our own Galaxy would be fatal to all life right down to bacteria deep in caverns.


rocky5q t1_iuh9l2r wrote

How strong a solar flare has to be to bypass Earth's Magnetic field ?