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4ofN t1_itpg2lt wrote

What exactly is the "edge of space"? Phrases like that make me not want to click on the article.


designatedhacker t1_itpjysv wrote

Same. If I've decoded the abstract, it came from further out in the solar system and was pulled inward by Uranus or Neptune.

It did not come miraculously from the edge of the observable universe overcoming the speed of causality and expansion of spacetime.


SamBeamsBanjo t1_itpnfcn wrote

Yeah but wouldn't it have been cool if it did


FrazzleBong t1_its0419 wrote

Considering the odds of it happening into our little realm of observation are basically zero and something would have had to cause that to happen, NO!


Rattlez t1_ittsewk wrote

Well it would be completely impossible. Space is expanding faster than the asteroid would be able to travel through it for one. I think people are annoyed by titles like this because they are weak attempts at capturing people’s attention and wasting everyone’s time with some unimportant fleck of trivia.


Rattlez t1_itts3ek wrote

Came here to say this! It’s almost as bad as “terrifying new discovery on Jupiter that changes EVERYTHING”…


RobertTheGenius t1_itpno5z wrote

How could they know the where the asteroid came from?.. “edges of space”… gtfoh

This article and headline are so full of shit


boundegar t1_itpqp5f wrote

The article makes perfect sense, but I think reddit has a bot that writes the headlines, and it's not very smart.

They know because the samples brought back are typical of bodies that formed beyond Jupiter. That's a pretty weird definition of "edges of outer space," but the ClickBot may have failed 4th grade science.


Funicularly t1_itqeprx wrote

Did you click on the article? The title says “OUTER LIMITS: Scientists Discover Asteroid Ryugu Came From Edges of Outer Space”. What does that have to do with Reddit?


mr_bedbugs t1_itre264 wrote

IIRC, from my 3rd grade days, "outer space" is past the asteroid belt, and "inner space" is before it.


BGDDisco t1_itq4dk6 wrote

I guess the asteroid miners will have to go there then. The Edge Of Spaaaace...


sonoma95436 t1_itqdwr6 wrote

Leave it to the media to take something interesting and misinform the public so badly.


Def_One_1987 t1_itrwx35 wrote

Edge of Space is just That, and on the other side is "The Edge...of Night"


SymWizard07 t1_ittrhr5 wrote

So, scientists found a thing in space that was different from another set of things that are from very different regions of space.