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JcaJes t1_iwyurvc wrote

“Galactic cannibalism” is the most hardcore thing I’ve ever heard of.


DrPupipance t1_iwz5n48 wrote

If that’s not the name of a death metal band, then I don’t know what is


MWoodley18 t1_iwzh6ld wrote

I’m gonna at least use that as a song title at some point hahaha


Tairken t1_ix1d7jd wrote

Andromeda has always been a beast. We thought it was the victim saved by Perseus. Was Perseus tasty?


Cecil_FF4 t1_iwzhu1i wrote

Our own galaxy has consumed many other galaxies during its evolution. This is not surprising that it happens in other larger galaxies. We can see remnants of ancient galactic cores, sometimes in retrograde orbits, a strong indicator of their capture by our galaxy; up to a quarter of globular clusters were accreted this way.


infinitelolipop t1_ix0wtiw wrote

Ss so, our galaxy might not be our real ff fffather?


Mellevalaconcha t1_ix16hht wrote

Earth is our mother, so who cares? xD


Killaship t1_ix1j3q6 wrote

mommy earth uwu lmao Feel free to try and unread this sentence, it won't work.


leenpaws t1_ix2fa2m wrote

I think about bangin your mom…like all the time


Killaship t1_ixauwed wrote

oh god

How does this work? Do you like, dig a hole, put some lube in there, and, yknow, or what?

I have so many questions, that, weirdly, I really want answered.


Garuda4321 t1_ix1lmec wrote

It would works if you went to the Greek pantheon.


Killaship t1_ixav2wz wrote

Yeah, it's Gaia, right?



VinBarrKRO t1_ix1hz0t wrote

Your galactic father went out for space smokes.

But your step galactic father-Craig, is great!


tracerhaha t1_ix1r8eu wrote

Not only that but the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are on a collision course.


phasepistol t1_iwzct9z wrote

Andromeda is approaching our galaxy, so we’re next on the menu


douglesman t1_iwzdols wrote

Isn't the milky way bigger than andromeda? So we win! It's like an intergalactic game of


phasepistol t1_iwzedp1 wrote

It was long thought that Andromeda was bigger than the milky way. Recently, it has been found that both galaxies are about the same size. But knowing anything for sure is difficult.


King_Pecca t1_iwzfmmf wrote

Impressive thought that Andromeda habitats thus see our galaxy about the same size.


ExtrapolatedData t1_iwzxar2 wrote

Looks to me from your link that Andromeda is estimated to be about twice as large in diameter and with 2.5-10 times as many stars as the Milky Way.


lightsdevil t1_iwzfwr4 wrote

I think we need to do better than Milkomeda or Milkdromeda for the merged name, but we have plenty of time to figure it out.


playfulmessenger t1_iwzp1aa wrote

By then we'll have met the Andromedans and know their cool mashup of two completely different terms for us both.


King_Pecca t1_iwzqpwt wrote

I wonder how they would call our galaxy


King_Pecca t1_ix18qjc wrote

Those Andromedans be like: "okay guys, we're now entering the Milky Way. Don't forget to brush your teeth"


Lastchimp t1_iwzidqv wrote

Well... 4 billions years to find something better.

But... When you see how quick we manage climate change...

We probably need to brainstorm this now.


JKastnerPhoto t1_iwzkpnk wrote

I'm sure by then, if we survive as a species, English and even Ancient Greek writing and nomenclature will be a long forgotten relic. There will be fragments of myths that recall long lost myths of this era.


AverageOpportunist t1_ix39wx1 wrote

Yeah, I mean there will always be some stuff - like "we started writing about 4 billion years ago", "internet was invented about 4 billion years ago" and "Our species closest ancestors evolved about 4 billion years ago".


JKastnerPhoto t1_ix3zilp wrote

Maybe. Maybe writing and the Internet will be reinvented several times over in the next 4 billion years.


L-System t1_iwzrbr3 wrote

I don't think there'll be a climate to change at that point.


leonardo201818 t1_ix05a7t wrote

Climate change is inevitable. If humans weren’t here, the earth still would have gone through changes. Surely we have expedited the process, but would have happened regardless.


bookers555 t1_ix08vys wrote

Just call it Ultra Milky Way, fuck Andromeda, Milky Way number 1 😎😎😎


Lastchimp t1_iwzwzgp wrote

i thought way too much about this...

from the myth... andromeda was some kind of princess.

milkyway.. the way of the milk.. "la voie lactée"

i think the merging of the 2 galaxy should be name... "breastmilk"

you're welcome


gruey t1_ix03ihk wrote

Assuming during the collision we lose an E, it would be "The Damn Milky Roadway"


Arbazio t1_ix141kx wrote

"The Andromeda Way"... There now that's done; what's next?


EnvironmentalCard838 t1_ix1722d wrote

Its a 50/50 we have same Mass, andro Got more smaller stars we have fewer but heavyer


iowastatefan t1_ix0nldi wrote

IIRC, despite the number of stars involved, it is exceedingly unlikely that the collision between the two galaxies leads to a single collision between objects from the two galaxies.


Few_Responsibility35 t1_iwzh89f wrote

Won't that means both galaxy will fuse ? What would it be called ? Androway or Milky Meda ?


Taron221 t1_ix0xeg4 wrote

The answer you’re looking for is Milkomeda or Milkdromeda, which according to Wikipedia are the names that are sometimes used.


koebelin t1_ix1fwgr wrote

There are simulations showing they just get all tangled up and warped when the arms pass through each other.


TILTNSTACK t1_iwzidn8 wrote

It’s already had 2 meals. We will be number 3


King_Pecca t1_iwyyi7d wrote

Actually, it would only be related to cannibalism if the galaxy swallowed the same kind of galaxy.


Canaan_Jet t1_iwz3oi4 wrote

Oh nice, so I can keep eating chinese people?


King_Pecca t1_iwz59g9 wrote

Nope. They also belong to the human race.


Canaan_Jet t1_iwz7j8m wrote

And all galaxies are galaxies.


[deleted] t1_iwzcg5u wrote

Lol, this is the most arbitrary thread I've seen this morning. I don't think science has yet determined whether cannibalism can apply to galaxies anyways.


PutridGhoul t1_iwzicat wrote

I read threads like this and I think about how hard pressed I'd be to find a more profound waste of time; for the people having the conversation, for the people reading it, and the people responding to it. I hope we're all at work at least so we're getting paid.


Imaginary-Mongoose24 t1_ix0oo5q wrote

I mean technically nothing matters, so technically it’s just as important as the next thing. 🤷🏻‍♂️


King_Pecca t1_iwz5tir wrote

Makes me think... Eating people would definitely be a solution to overpopulation. Why is there no film or series about this topic? Soylent Green is not what I meant, btw.


Lichterin t1_ix13jy0 wrote

not explicitly because of overpopulation, but: Tender is the Flesh by Augustina Bazterrica


AustinBenji t1_iwz9akt wrote

Not what you meant, but surprisingly exactly what you described. I agree though, Soylent crossed with, like, Cannibal Holocaust and The Purge would be very watchable. Get Eli Roth on that and you can have my money.


Hungrymidget3 t1_iwzq5uq wrote

Now when I play this is all I'm going to think of


Gentleman_ToBed t1_ix1erfc wrote

Man You just sent me down a rabbit hole. What is this game!?? I don’t understand the % rule but it’s so goddamn addictive.


JustAPerspective t1_ix0n398 wrote

The warrior who observed the dancers' grace yet saw only battle.


paktsardines t1_ix17htn wrote

If jokes were allowed here, pretty sure they'd all be about OP's mom.


Hiseworns t1_ix119t6 wrote

But wait, if galaxies eat, then they must also poop right? :P


fibchopkin t1_ix1l1gz wrote

Goodest boy confirmed! Also - that first pic! That’s the face my Laslo makes when he’s up to some sketchy stuff


morbihann t1_ix090rp wrote

Surely, it is "recent" that has to be in quatations.