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twohedwlf t1_ixfdp7d wrote

It should be something that would help them learn about us.

I suggest I Like Big Butts by Sir Mix A Lot.


YourDrunkUncl_ t1_ixfe6vd wrote

Although this is a complete answer to the question; to be safe, I would not play any music for them until we can confirm that they perceive sound, and perceive it in the same that we do.


klakkr t1_ixfezyr wrote

We should abduct them and play music for them to see if they perceive sound like us


pietaster999 t1_ixfi02m wrote

That would be cool. It serves them right after all the anal probing they've conducted through the centuries.


chemist0825 t1_ixfdya5 wrote

《☆◇¤Darkstar¤◇☆》 performed by the Grateful Dead


StevenPsych t1_ixfkeou wrote

It depends on how/if they perceive sound and what sounds at which frequencies are familiar to them. Relatively minor changes in so many variables would make our music sound very different to them. Just look at dolphins and whales for reference, they make music but their medium of transmission is different so our brains perceive it as very high pitched compared to our familiar spectrum of sound.


TH3_3NT1Ty t1_ixflbnq wrote

Dark side of the Moon by Pink Floyd (Shows all sides of emotions and tells a lot about humans)

Four seasons by Vivaldi (shows that we are mathematically musical)

As the Rush comes by motorcycle (deep emotion like passion)

War pigs by Black Sabbath (shows that we can have a volatile almost savage side)

All of these would communicate that we are smart sophisticated and emotional that can we can love deeply or hate just as deeply.


vladivan t1_ixfg7cz wrote

On a serious note: let's assume the aliens have some kind of hearing organ. Our music would probably sound like noise to them. Harmonies and melodies would make no sense to them. If they have a spoken language, they would be able to detect a rhythm though. So techno would be the best choice.

Their music would of course sound like nothing to us. Unless they also have techno producers.


solenyaPDX t1_ixfmfo8 wrote

Actually, harmonies and melodies do have math in them. There are specific frequency ratios present in those intervals, such that the peaks intermittently line up. This is why it sounds good to us, and I think they'd hear that too.

As such, I recommend Canon in D. It starts simple, one note at a time, and adds in complexity little by little. I think it an excellent option for an introduction to human music.

The other that could go with it would be somewhere over the rainbow, sung by Iz.


Kavy8 t1_ixgdd02 wrote

Yay physics! Harmonics! Resonance!


vladivan t1_ixgiv4a wrote

Understanding music is a learned process. Western music is different to music from the east. Music from the east often sounds weird to westerners. (This is based on research). Instruments have also been tuned in many different ways in history. So intervals have changed throughout history aswell. Matg is just one factor. If humans on earth can't fully appreciate music from different cultures, they would most likely not understand alien music.


BrewThemAll t1_ixh389d wrote

It's kinda strange to talk in these absolutes on a subject we know nothing about. It's all speculation. No sense in saying 'Their music would of course sound like nothing to us'.


vladivan t1_ixh72w4 wrote

This is based on research into music. There is a significant difference between cultures when it comes to music data. If there is a difference between humans on earth, it is more than likely that the difference between aliens and humans,when it comes to music, would be huge.


Campbell__Hayden t1_ixfohn0 wrote

Adagio for Strings (Barber) ... followed by Crazy Mama by JJ Cale.


FatherOfLights88 t1_ixfo6ez wrote

Something from Jacob Collier. Any one his tracks is a compendium of sound. Dude compresses multiple genres into one song. It'll give the aliens a good abbreviation.


tvalvi001 t1_ixfr4eg wrote

Who Was in My Bed Last Night by The Butthole Surfers


what314159 t1_ixfx4s0 wrote

Do they speak English and understand the US? If so, while it is almost impossible to choose from a nearly inexhaustible list of cultural masterpieces from the last 2700 years that cross all natuonalities and races, I would follow a version of Ocam's Razor and Murphy's... so today I would suggest "Wait in the Truck"

It speaks of a mindset, a sense of morality, a justice system, human foibles, compassion, strength, and sacrifice- in addition to having all of the basic sound components that demonstrate a fairly literate society without trying to wow them by saying "hey look at us, we general relativity and can do some Chopin and Bach" ... just imo


Grumpy-Greybeard t1_ixg2acp wrote

The way the last decade has gone? Yackety Sax.


El_Lobot t1_ixg2o4j wrote

Something classical for sure. Not Mozart because his music is too happy but Beethoven did seem to capture a lot of human emotion. Vivaldi, Holst, Chopin, Ravel...


pistolspinner t1_ixgd27c wrote

Classical, maybe opera, but definitely with vocals. It's universal and mathematical.


pistolspinner t1_ixgjvsl wrote

That being said, intelligent life may not be able to hear like your average human, but Beethoven was able to compose music just from the feeling of the vibrations of his piano, even though he was completely deaf.


Aces_High51 t1_ixh49t5 wrote

Music is the language of the universe, not mathematics. Even the deaf can appreciate rhythms, because they can feel it. Black holes emit sound with their escaping gases.


Strange-Ad1209 t1_ixfnx1u wrote

Yeah that's going to work out so well if someone plays them Hate filled Punk. Stick to soft melodic Classical and stay away from cacophonic garbage.