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4thDevilsAdvocate t1_ixaftlg wrote

>So when Florida goes underwater and we can't just lock out all the refugees at the border, all the Floridians are going to go where?

Which has what do do with a moonbase?

Regardless, I'm not making an assertation about what the future of climate change-induced migration will look like. I'm asking what that has to do with a moonbase.

Besides, you still haven't explained why you believe:

  • "we" can barely maintain the funding for the ISS (whoever "we" is)
  • there's a "99.9% chance that a moon colony never materializes"
  • why a "giant heavy lift rocket" is a bad thing

Why do you believe these things? I've explained why I believe what I believe. Why can't you explain what you believe?


simcoder t1_ixai0po wrote

Didn't you try to say that it wouldn't be internal migration for some reason? I was just explaining that to you.


4thDevilsAdvocate t1_ixaidk3 wrote

If you want to discuss migration, do it elsewhere. This isn't about that.


simcoder t1_ixaizvc wrote

I was trying to explain to you how you were wrong.