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joshsreditaccount t1_ixc2y4e wrote

space is a totally different environment and can provide countless unique benefits you wouldn’t get on earth, and nasa is only half a percent of the total us budget

please don’t reply i don’t wanna be in a 20 comment rdeditd argument, i’m just saying your mind set is archaic and you could say the same thing about anything that isn’t instantly beneficial to humanity, like the military which gets over half of the us budget and is literally a department working on better ways to make us go extinct


simcoder t1_ixc4ctk wrote

I agree that space is different than down here and the technology generated provides unique benefits.

I'm just not convinced it's the best investment given everything going on down here on Earth right now and in the next decades.

I get the fact that people don't really want to acknowledge the hardships and tough choices that are ahead of us. In fact, the functioning of the economy and everything else sort of requires that we take on some level of cognitive dissonance to keep on going to work everyday and keep on going with our lives. I'm just as guilty of that as anyone else.

But when we're making long term plans, we do need to account for the actual reality and not the dissonant one we're all trying to pretend still exists. And even beyond the money, I'm not convinced the world is going to be geopolitically stable enough to support a long term occupation of the moon.