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NutriaBoet t1_ixd3f8t wrote

Either way, whatever we say on here doesn't matter.

If NASA doesn't build a lunar base you can bet your arse the Chinese will. They don't give a rats arse about climate enough to prevent their space ambitions.


simcoder t1_ixdtm89 wrote

I really don't see that happening but, if it did, it might actually settle tensions to some extent for the US to allow another nation to do something like that and not go to war to stop them.

It'd be a sign of good faith lol.


NutriaBoet t1_ixdudgn wrote

Considering the US has quite a lot of pride in itself it wouldn't allow it to go unanswered. Doesn't mean you would have war on your hands but the US would definitely try to one up and that would probably be a base on Mars.

Anyway you seem less opposed to China creating a lunar base which is curious. Why is that? Why more opposed to the US creating a lunar base? When they are the ones most capable of doing so.


simcoder t1_ixduu7o wrote

I'm just not afraid of China. And as I mentioned, I really don't see China expending the resources to do a moon base. They've got more than they can handle already on their plate to deal with over next couple decades.

The space station is probably their high water mark.


NutriaBoet t1_ixdyfpz wrote

That's where you're underestimating China. They are the biggest threat to US hegemony here and beyond.

And they have the luxury of not really having to give a damn about climate change activists that are anti-space exploration. Because as soon as an activist protests a Chinese mission to build a moon base they'll be locked up before they can utter their first chant.

The US on the other hand doesn't have that luxury and has to navigate the increasing pressure of environmentalists which believe they are doing the right thing like yourself but fail to realise that good intentions do not always equal good outcomes.

Say the US were to bow to your demands and cease space exploration/habitation for the sake of climate change next thing you know an asteroid or nuclear war wipes us all out. Bye bye Earth and all that you hold precious on it that you sought to protect, all for naught because the US didn't get mankind to become an interplanetary species to ensure its continued existence thanks to the "save the planet fight climate change" types.

I sincerely feel those that are anti-space exploration and colonisation under the justification of climate change are misguided and you fall in that bracket.

And on top of all this is a lot of irony. Space exploration and advancement will preserve our planet and all species on it by allowing us to move polluting and environment damaging work off planet. Such as mining, mining asteroids (which have more minerals in them than the Earth does) we will no longer need to mine the earth when we can get most of our minerals from asteroids.

That is just one example of many where space exploration and advancement benefits our planet and the preservation of all species on the planet indirectly and sometimes directly.


simcoder t1_ixegtzu wrote

US hegemony is the biggest threat to US hegemony. lol

And there's really no need to be scared of the Chinese. Just look at the demographic problems they are going to be facing over the next few decades.

But I guess that would require a little effort on your part and as such too much to ask.