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nyrothia t1_ius9089 wrote

i feel like we skipped some steps here: they have a skyplane?


[deleted] t1_iusdlid wrote

It's not a launch vehicle. It's a winged capsule launched on top of a conventional rocket, like the Boeing X-37. In fact, that photo is the X-37.


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iztek t1_iusff8y wrote

Don’t you mean spaceplane?


boot2skull t1_iutjwab wrote

Some say, China has had a skyplane for decades… and we sold it to them. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!


EggKey5513 t1_iusce9o wrote

Not an expert, but I think this might be the info you asking:


bjran8888 t1_iuttq30 wrote

I don't think it's quite right that the C919 is actually an airliner that can carry about 160 people.

What is mentioned here is obviously a new aircraft, and even in mainland China, we are not informed about this aircraft for the time being.


Cluelesswolfkin t1_ius9vdg wrote

Bro! Where have you been! They launched it from Saudia Arabia's Mirror City wall on 2437!!


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Oxygenisplantpoo t1_iuu7ipa wrote

I think you're thinking of the Buran. This is different although space planes do end up looking roughly the same because of practical reasons too, regardless of whom stole what from who.


Cryptopoopy t1_iusvlaf wrote

It was probably that old dude from the meeting last week.


waterboyy_____ t1_iutrdtg wrote

You have no idea how hard this comment made me laugh. So obscure and simple LMAO


LTareyouserious t1_iuuflk2 wrote

Hu are you referring to, to make you roflMAO like that? Now Xi here, this is reddit, we need to be more accurate with our references!


ShortysTRM t1_iuts47s wrote

Could it just be a literal chunk of frozen human shit from whoever is on the plane? I don't know if the spaceplane has anyone on board, but if so, after 90 days in orbit there would be plenty of poo.


ShankThatSnitch t1_iuv5qck wrote

"We don't know ow where her went. He told us he needed some space"


LonelyDriver t1_iusgyrn wrote

If its been orbiting for 90 days, how could there not be any decent pictures of it?


rocketsocks t1_iususvg wrote

It's 9 meters long and three hundred kilometers away, moving at orbital velocity. You get a good picture of it if it's so easy.


cinred t1_iutr9xz wrote

Someone has never heard of the "Enhance!" button.


Caenwyr t1_iuwdr9f wrote

I can almost hear the fake computer noises as the pixels turn into smaller pixels and 2 seconds later there's a perfect, in-focus image instead of a blur. chef's kiss Perfection.


DBMS_LAH t1_iutozd5 wrote

You can see the ISS with the naked eye from many places on earth. It being far away makes it easier to spot at high-speed. I'm assuming it's designed in such a way as to not reflect a bunch of light and be easy to spot however.


chris_4 t1_iutztmt wrote

We also know exactly where the ISS is. These things are tricky since they can maneuver into a different orbit


toodroot t1_iuv36up wrote

This one has only maneuvered once in 90 days.


invent_or_die t1_iuuh8jm wrote

Use the Heavens Above app, know exactly when and where to see the ISS, Tiangong, and many more objects. I see the ISS and Tiangong (Chinese space station) all the time, but I live in a somewhat dark area.


mfb- t1_iuuly6x wrote

It's trivial to spot as object, but that doesn't mean you get a high resolution picture of it. I don't think OP would call a picture with one featureless bright spot a "decent picture".


rocketsocks t1_iuv2mu6 wrote

The ISS is huge. Also, you can't see any detail on the ISS with the naked eye, it just looks like a dot.

Go look at images of the ISS from the ground, the tech for that has gotten a lot better in recent years but there's still not much detail. Consider that the X-37B or China's spaceplane is about the size as a single module on the ISS and you start to understand why there aren't any public pictures of it.

Using large telescopes with special tracking capabilities or on orbit assets capable of taking photos of other satellites would make it possible to get decent imagery, but all that stuff is classified.


dc_IV t1_iuujod6 wrote

So hear me out: I have a friend of a friend that has a cousin that cleans the pool of a artist that did some conceptual mocks on a 9 meter long cylinder that uses LEDs on the bottom that simulate what Starlink looks like in the sky. I am not sure if it's related, but that could explain why photos may exist, but are not associated with this object.



[deleted] t1_iutgcgy wrote

holy shit, 9 fucking meters???? we're all going to die!


skatenbikes t1_iuuaapl wrote

Nah I used to blast womp rats smaller than that back home


Working-Tomatillo857 t1_iuspkca wrote

There probably is pics of it, but they're classified.


NLtbal t1_iusuoh5 wrote

Their classified what?


Mister_Brevity t1_iutukyd wrote

They’re is probably a good explanation for it.


Angry-Mailman48 t1_iuu5o05 wrote

“They are is probably a good explanation for it.”


Mister_Brevity t1_iuufji7 wrote

Shhhh I know that somewhere it’s making someone’s eye twitch that I used the wrong one :D

I left a grammatical landmine hehe


Gswindle76 t1_iusm2ez wrote

It’s wing span less than 1/2 the size of a Cessna 152. About 14-15ft. It’s length is comparable. That’s an expensive telescope to take a pic of something that small.


TartarusOfHades t1_iutc15v wrote

And we have several governments that might be motivated to do so.


cwhitt t1_iutj5pc wrote

And probably already have. And aren't going to tell us about it.


OldandBoldDude t1_iut2gld wrote

Wonder where did get the plans and designs It looks like Boeing x37B. Curious


Oxygenisplantpoo t1_iuu7y2t wrote

We don't know what it looks like, they just put X-37 on there because it's similar. But it does probably look similar, because laws of physics do lead into certain efficient shapes.


MrKahnberg t1_iuthx6k wrote

They sent someone dumpster diving. Lo and behold there was a 3 ring binder of details!


LordBrandon t1_iuue51p wrote

It was the last president Hu Jintao. He wasn't feeling well so he had to leave the earth.


Sir-Realz t1_iuvutw1 wrote

"Mystery" it's and exact copy of ours. Tho wow letting that Intel leak so bad they made a working copy...


MrPapillon t1_iuxmu1i wrote

Probably the first brick of a great space wall against aliens.


forced_spontaneity t1_iuxiri3 wrote

This title reads like the first line on the back of an imported DVD pirate knock off movie…

‘Soon heroes they are terror where unknown troubles become’


[deleted] t1_iutg6pp wrote

oh fuck, it's a mystery spaceplane holy fucking shit, send the military industrial complex everything you've got, including your first born son.