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MrR0b0t90 t1_iv19ao1 wrote

Couldn’t of just put the date in the title instead of election day


Override9636 t1_iv1l2f5 wrote

US midterm election day - November 8th 2022.

Saved you a click.


TheThirdRnner t1_iv1z5y7 wrote

I always wonder who's behind these accounts that just relentlessly post articles. That takes dedication. What's the motivation?


o_Zion_o t1_iv1e1u9 wrote

> it will be visible early on the morning of November 8th

For those of us who don't follow American politics and thus, don't know when "election day" is.

Edit: doesn't look like it'll be visible for those of us in the UK, Ireland or most of Europe :/


Musetrigger t1_iv1digl wrote

I can see people posting on Twitter how this means God wants a red wave or something.

I'll be like, how do you know the moon isn't turning communist?


[deleted] t1_iv2hosm wrote

And if Republicans lose, the same people will probably assume the eclipse was an evil Liberal/Satanist trick to steal the election. We're back in the Dark Ages, folks.


CobraCat t1_iv1vwwd wrote

I'm imagining a wave of republicans getting elected, like all the enemies respawning in Zelda BoTW.


spiderscan t1_iv33hxg wrote

So glad I found the botw reference in the top 5 posts. Exactly what I thought too.


keb1965 t1_iv1hjzq wrote

I miss the days when it was just a total lunar eclipse. I’d never heard the term “blood moon” until some of my loony Christian friends started using it back in 2015. Sign of the end times and impending economic collapse, you know.


neomathist t1_iv2gny3 wrote

It's not just the "blood moon", every other month or half month there seems to be some other kind of named "moon" that most people have never heard of, let alone used, but someone dug it up and wrote a blurb about it.


AspieAndProud t1_iv2b86g wrote

Blue moons have been around since... well, you know. I've known about them since before you dropped your diapers on the living room floor. (Ask your mama 'bout that part.) Ain't never heard "🎵 Blue Moooon🎶"? 👴


[deleted] t1_iv17bku wrote



GTdspDude t1_iv2e9hv wrote

In ottoman culture the blood moon was an auspicious sign - it’s said that there was a blood moon shortly before Mehmed II finally conquered Constantinople. Question is who’s it going to be auspicious for


neomathist t1_iv2gxox wrote

Seeing as upcoming lunar eclipses are documented and known, you can plan ahead for the next bad omen.


AFrostNova t1_iv3t2n4 wrote

Man I love technology…do you think this could be an excuse for getting out of stuff

“No I’d love to come, but an eclipse and I are scheduled to have some bad omens next September”


Purdouchebag t1_iv33jes wrote

Here come all the “Red Wave” posts of Facebook from all the evangelical maga nut-jobs.


cabalavatar t1_iv388j6 wrote

Which election day? Are some people really so insular that they think the only elections that happen are their own?


zeeblecroid t1_iv3oohu wrote

It's a Fox News article. Of course they're that insular.


PrimaryExtra t1_iv1nda5 wrote

Good luck America. You are really fucked now/s


Xyrus2000 t1_iv2iqok wrote

No /s needed. Even if the democrats manage to hold off fascism this election it's just delaying the inevitable. The SCOTUS NC Moore case is being decided in December, and when (not if) it goes the Republicans way we elections will become little more than theater.

The American fall is already underway. All that remains to be seen is how fast and how badly we're going to crash and burn.


DarthGinsu t1_iv2erbh wrote

"When the moon lit red, the time was nigh. That's what started the squirrel uprising...the dark days"


[deleted] t1_iv2rwf0 wrote



GalacticShoestring t1_iv4gea0 wrote

Many of them have beliefs that are explicitly against their religion, like ghosts and past lives.

Baptists in particular are obsessed with hell, demons, spirit possessions, and sin. Any sins committed by a Baptist is never their fault because it was the devil controlling their actions (but people they don't like are inherently sinful). Pentacostals are obsessed with the end times of black horses riding in the night to take them away once Jesus comes and eliminates most of humanity in a titanitc war that they pray for daily.

America is the Saudi Arabia of the Christian world and that version of Christianity is dissimilar to Christianity anywhere else in the world.

The "mainstream Protestantism" has been fused with capitalism where wealth = godliness in the form of prosperity gospel. Catholics are just about the only normal Christians left, along with Lutherans and the like, and they have quite a bit of their own issues.


EveythingIsRacist t1_iv39irw wrote

I think there will be other election days during that 3 year span


m31td0wn t1_iv4dz9h wrote

FFS as if we need MORE malarkey for extremist lunatics to latch onto. You just know those religious nuts are going to declare it to be some kind of sign.


Bouldergeuse t1_iv4ls31 wrote

Every country with the blood moon happens to have election day?


freefromconstrant t1_iv58snc wrote

The way this is written suggests eclipses occur near randomly like the weather.

Instead of incredibly predictability.

We know when all the eclipses will occur for the next million years to a high high degree of certainty.


WinterElfeas t1_iv1kpuc wrote

I was wondering why the sky became all orange this late afternoon (Austria).
Edit: wait why it says next Tuesday? Was it something else? (very cloudy and became full orange like post-apocalypse for one hour)


KristnSchaalisahorse t1_iv1zw8p wrote

Lunar eclipses are actually quite dim. They don’t have any effect on the color of the sky even at night.


WinterElfeas t1_iv207rn wrote

Alright, what would cause a cloudy sky to become orange in late afternoon?


Disastrous-Half69 t1_iv284ry wrote

It can happen especially often after rain, I'd imagine it's due to the high humidity causing lots of deflection of shorter wavelength light (blues) and leaving lots of reds and oranges.