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Safe-Dust-2190 t1_iv5295r wrote

I would like to know as well. It seems like people are really lusting for WW3. Especially on this subreddit for some reason…


cratermoon t1_iv7hmdb wrote

There's clearly something going on. Perhaps the military contractors are looking for something to replace the endless middle east wars? I'm 100% sure there are people in this sub more than willing to amplify the rhetoric. The US space program grew out of military missile programs, starting with von Braun, and continuing to this day through Boeing. Boeing itself bloated to its current dominance by buying up McDonnell Douglas‎, North American Aviation‎, Rocketdyne, Hughes Aircraft Company, Hawker De Havilland Aerospace, and a couple dozen more.


Anderopolis t1_iv7oxrd wrote

Of course, the Reason people don't want uncontrolled rocket reentries is because of the evil Amerikansky Military Industrial Complex.

Priviet Comrade, take your little red book and continue to spread the good word.