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CmdrPatHealy t1_iv5ms17 wrote

Interesting that OP is digging up 50 year old events to demonize the US, and you’re worried about demonizing China.


cratermoon t1_iv63950 wrote

What, exactly, is demonizing about this story? It gives context for current events.


Polygnom t1_iv6krif wrote

The article is very carefully crafted to word things in a supposedly neutral way, but fails to provide the proper context, actually.

The proper context would be to say that back in the days, people were just learning about space exploration, and many lessons were learned -- some of them quite bloody I might add. Skylab being plastered all over Australia was kind of an event that led to huge changes in how disposal is approach today by almost all nations.

The proper context to provide would be to highlight which changes were implemented after each of these events and how nowadays you are supposed to make sure this doesn't happen again, because it is obvious a bad thing if debris falls down uncontrolled.

The articles that get posted again and again -- and this one is no exception -- fail to provide that context and instead under a guise of neutrality try to provide a platform to justify that China doesn't care about proper disposal.

This is an article that carefully tries to shape opinion, and does so expertly I might add, as the comments here show.