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Bensemus t1_ixkjx53 wrote

The CMB is the oldest light in the universe. It’s too red shifted for Webb to see. Webb can’t find galaxies older than the CMB.


Musicfan637 t1_ixkkp8p wrote

Aren’t these new oldest galaxies too advanced to be formed 300 mya?


Bensemus t1_ixp5fol wrote

No as they did form. We still don’t know a lot about galaxy formation. Now that we can see very young galaxies we can refine our models to better explain how galaxies form and evolve.


Zenguro t1_ixkzpln wrote

My thinkin as well, there is a huge piece of the puzzle we don't see yet.

I got the strange feeling something similar like the quantum/relativity theory will be found that will explain better the expansion of the universe (incl. dark matter), what we call "the big bang", and the findings of Webb.