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Adeldor t1_ivad6j7 wrote

Globular clusters are apparently considered poorer locations for potential life, with a dearth of heavier elements and high star population densities making for less stable planetary orbits.


Hawkey2100 OP t1_ivadcnv wrote

Interesting, I didn't know that.


Adeldor t1_ivadmvs wrote

Nevertheless, pictures such as yours are humbling, considering the scale of what one sees.


StrayRabbit t1_ivaiiuk wrote

.. for potential life as we know it. It's a big universe out there.


Adeldor t1_ivam0uj wrote

Well, yes. I figure that's implied. Also, with a sample size of 1, and without any evidence otherwise, it's the only reasonable reference.


Daroph t1_ivbge7t wrote

Also fun fact, extinction events have been tied with our solar systems breach of the galactic plane, as we follow a sine wave pattern in our orbit of the core.
It is thought that background radiation levels become less accommodating of life as we lose the protection of the bulk of the disc.


driverofracecars t1_ivd5sec wrote

Imagine the views at night on a planet near the core of one of those clusters.


feralpeeve t1_ivdzr7f wrote

>at night

There is no night on many worlds in star clusters. When the planet rotates away from the sun it orbits the sky may even be brighter.


DoubleHookshots t1_ivbxr7f wrote

I like how people pretend to know where life could and couldn’t exist.


deasnutz t1_ivdooa6 wrote

Science fiction has probably allowed us to pretend all kinds of crazy nonsensical things could be out there.


Pyrhan t1_ivada0o wrote

I wonder what the sky would look like, inside a globular cluster...


Steve490 t1_ivboyv5 wrote

You can find out in Space Engine. The answer is satisfying.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_ivaj6wa wrote

Well.. probably not in there, not terribly hospitable environment to life as we know it.


invent_or_die t1_ivaia44 wrote

Life is everywhere. We just don't know what it looks like unless it's something we have encountered before. Humans need to be so much more humble.


Adeldor t1_ivamjr4 wrote

If you mean outside the Earth, there's absolutely no evidence (as yet).


MogLoop t1_ivd2fjv wrote

You are right of course, I feel like their point still has merit though


Own_Interaction5121 t1_ivdmzlc wrote

We have no evidence yet, but we're living on this planet for so long and we still don't know everything about it yet. Think about our level of knowledge of our own solar system! And then the rest of our galaxy & the universe. Just because humans don't have an evidence, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We just haven't found it yet, considering the sheer infinite size of our universe (probably infinite) we'll never be able to know everything. It might even be possible that we never even find intelligent alien life forms. But the probability of them not existing is way lesser than the probability of their existence.


Adeldor t1_ivdoz9d wrote

To be clear, I do not in any way deny the possibility. Further, chemistry appears to be the same no matter how deep observations sensitive to such can be made. And that we exist means life is possible (statement of the obvious :-) ).

However, it might be exceedingly unlikely for reasons yet to be found. And again, we've no evidence at all that it exists beyond Earth. So saying "Life is everywhere" is a leaping statement of faith, not fact. Also, saying the "probability of them not existing is way less ..." is also a statement of faith. No probability can yet be determined beyond saying it isn't zero.

Caveat: Were the universe truly infinite, with matter and energy distributed much as we see it in our "corner," then yes, everything that's possible will happen. But as I read it, the universe is not infinite in that manner.


gravi-tea t1_iva9jlg wrote

Beautiful. And I agree there's surely some life there.


[deleted] t1_ivab31y wrote



norapeformethankyou t1_ivdd224 wrote

I'm pretty sure if there is life with the capability of FTL travel, were not threat to them.


walkstofar t1_ivfkqdx wrote

Not to use against them, to use against our fellow earthlings.


nhalas t1_ivbaev5 wrote

We have all kinds of life in the world, don't look far away.


Brusion t1_ivckd26 wrote

Literally one of the worst places to possibly have life, that you can see with your telescope.


mandu_xiii t1_ivdpxlv wrote

"Do you think there are aliens up there?" "We are alone in the universe." "So you don't think theres intelligent life on other planets?" "They are alone too. "


BazilBroketail t1_ivae085 wrote

The universe is an Olympic sized swimming pool of bleach.


RogueRunnn5150 t1_ivdkwwc wrote

To be fair, I'd rather know what's in the ocean. We know far less of it. And what's exactly in the trenches


This-Winter-1866 t1_ivafd5i wrote

Yeah, this image is proof that aliens exist. That's how science works.


MogLoop t1_ivd2ogn wrote

He just stared at a cluster of stars and thought a deep thought. Ease up, no one is trying to write a paper here


This-Winter-1866 t1_ivd3gom wrote

If that's what's considered a deep thought, it explains why aliens haven't bothered contacting us.


MogLoop t1_ivd4pjc wrote

Yeah ok, you're a genius and we're dumb. Congratulations