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barrycarter t1_iwvvtxr wrote

This is clickbait. The article clearly states "With a diameter of 1 to 2km, space rock named 2022 AP7 crosses our orbit but has ‘no chance’ of hitting Earth"

Arguably, there are many celestial bodies whose distance from Earth is decreasing at any given time


rondonjon t1_iwvw0sy wrote

It seems like there is one of these articles every year. Mostly clickbait, as it clearly states there is “no chance” of striking Earth.


AaliyahK12 t1_iwvw3xd wrote

You'd hope the guardian would know better than to use sensationalist clickbait article headlines.

Here's my thoughts on it friend:

>With a diameter of 1 to 2km, space rock named 2022 AP7 crosses our orbit but has ‘no chance’ of hitting Earth



Adeldor t1_iwvwinm wrote

Goes to show that even "respectable" publications like The Guardian aren't immune from resorting to click-bait.


meegja t1_iwvwj4g wrote

How about reading articles instead of reacting to (clickbate) headlines? You might be surprised on how much info there is when you really read ;)


FireflyZoe t1_iwvxnai wrote

Other commenters have already pointed out that the article directly refutes this claim, so I'm going to go a different route and point out this is why it's unhealthy to just read headlines. Read the articles!


WontonBurritoMea1 t1_iwvw4ro wrote

“It has no chance to hit the Earth, currently,” said Sheppard, noting that at present 2022 AP7 crosses the Earth’s orbit when the Earth is on the other side of the sun.

You gotta read the articles bro.


NDaveT t1_iwvw8f7 wrote

> This got me worried

Why did it get you worried? It says right in the first sentence it has no chance of hitting the earth.


SpaceInMyBrain t1_iwvwy6w wrote

I'm worried that you got worried over one article on one source - especially since the source was The Guardian. You must have noticed the deafening silence of no other reporting on this being a danger.