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HobbesNJ t1_ixfd5r3 wrote

>Think we'll see any hint of interstellar colonization in our lifetime?

No. There is no known inhabitable place within any realistic distance from Earth, and technology is a long way from getting anywhere near interstellar transport, if ever.


yaykarin OP t1_ixfdrj8 wrote

Yep. Makes sense. Fair enough.

I like to think we're just around the corner from any amount of significant progress in space travel to distances beyond our next door neighbors, but I am losing hope.


ronnyhugo t1_ixh7koq wrote

look into engineered negligible senescence (ENS) instead of faster than light travel. Its a lot easier to colonize the solar system and beyond when people can receive rejuvenation treatments every time they become 45 years old again, to become 25 again, so that they live long enough to save up for their own ticket and live long enough to get there.


CowSlayer450 t1_ixg4gof wrote

Interstellar transport.. I wish. We can't even get a living human on the next closest planet to us let alone out of the solar system.

We are almost certainly going to go extinct long before we get to another star's orbit.


skiingredneck t1_ixgd7tb wrote

Chart human’s maximum distance from earths core over the last couple hundred years…

We took the last 50 years off. Mars doable, just perhaps not with something like United space alliance driving the technology.


laptopAccount2 t1_ixi2ban wrote

Technology is sort of there, nuclear pulse propulsion or molten salt rocket (supercritical nuclear fluid) can do 20-30% speed of light with existing designs. And don't forget that time dilation makes the trip shorter for passengers, if we can reach 40-50% the speed of light it starts to make the trip a lot more reasonable.

A nuclear pulse rocket might be able to have constant acceleration for the whole trip which can help with artificial gravity too.

The big problem at those speeds is shielding, high energy radiation and high energy particles. Not a prohibitive challenge however.


johnpederson589 t1_ixfko23 wrote

By 2050 we will we already have people living in space currently


HobbesNJ t1_ixfm4wc wrote

He asked about interstellar colonization.

Plus, our Solar System has no suitable candidates for permanent human relocation.