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Jax2 t1_ixffx5u wrote

I am honestly trying to figure out if that was sarcasm or not - I mean, it's a very old concept. I am not some tree hugger. I love my house, my polluting car, eating nice big steaks and going to zoos to see animals I wouldn't otherwise get to see. However, the facts remain. We take in every form. We cut the trees to create building materials that we then use to create buildings and roads and parking lots on land, decreasing it's use for every other species.

We tear up the ground and take out metals and ores to create those cars that spew poison, or pat ourselves on the back while we make cars that STILL require natural resources to charge (which will ALWAYS be the case unless we want to cover massive swaths of ground with solar or wind generators)...

We breed massive herds of cattle that need an ever growing source of food and land to graze, so we chop down forests to give them grazing land and make fields for growing grain in.

We create industries for no other purpose than to give us more "things" and in doing so, allow them to pollute the skies and water.

In the big picture of things, I can see no better way of describing humans. The earth has been around for billions of years, pristine in every way, until the last few thousand years or so since humans have been industrious.