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GreyDirtySnow t1_ixfwxk2 wrote

I disagree and here's why I think that. Nuclear annihilation would ruin life as we know it for thousands of years, but the ocean goes so deep something will survive microscopic or not. I believe whole hearted that the entire process of evolution would start over again at one point or another and the cycle would repeat itself, it would probably be a vastly different earth than it is now but I think it would eventually make a return


noplacecold t1_ixgrkl4 wrote

I disagree with you. Nukes would cook us but animals would come back within decades


Boezie t1_ixhgqtq wrote

Just curious, but why would we be any different from animals? Do you mean, we'll go after each other's throat, killing the few survivors? Or by animals you mean a subset of animals? (eg. rodents, fish, ...)


TK-741 t1_ixi0qov wrote

Nukes will fall on population centres. People will gravitate toward population centres as that’s where our food/shelter and services are.

Animals are everywhere in the wild and many already burrow underground. Many animals will die, but more would survive because they live in forests or other environments which often thousands of miles away from cities.