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Dry_Operation_9996 t1_ixfyxzq wrote

He believed that the globe should unite in a massive space exploration program: one initially aimed at building human settlements on the Moon and on Mars, but then across other galaxies."

From your link. Think they might have skipped a step or two.

Anyway, I think the Earth and humanity will be just fine for tens of thousands of years to come. But we should colonize other planets and solar systems as well, because why not, and just in case.


VikingViik t1_ixgp7rr wrote

You will change your opinion within the next 10 years. I envy that comfort zone that you have where you think human life is gonna be OK for thousands of years...


A2Mfanatic t1_ixhfxt8 wrote

I'm 36 now and for my entire life people have been making predictions just like yours, within the next 2,5,10,20 years......, Yet their predictions never come true. Have humans sped up the process of the earth heating up? Maybe, but it doesn't matter much,because it was going to happen anyway. The Earth has gone through 5 major ice ages already. The only hope for humanity surviving forever, is if we continue on our competitive path of science exploration, and technology development etc. We need to seed the universe with humans on as many hospitable planets in as many solar systems, and galaxies as possible. I feel like we will make it happen over time, plenty of people believe we will destroy ourselves before ever getting close. When I look how far humanity has gone in the last century alone I become amazed and awed at our perseverance and ingenuity. We went from first flight on earth, to landing a man on the moon in 66 years. Less than a lifetime. I have faith in the tenacity, and will to survive of our species.


VikingViik t1_ixhhqx6 wrote

How many ice age or planetary catastrophes has humanity survived?


A2Mfanatic t1_ixhx90z wrote

During the past 200,000 years, homo sapiens have survived two ice ages.