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Bipogram t1_ixg1g61 wrote

A major part of that prediction, IMO, is that we will be our own downfall.

The world is warming and more energy in the troposphere leads to more extreme weather patterns. Wars will escalate over water, population fluxes, and food. And it takes just one of them to involve a nuclear-tipped country (or their proxy) and we're on a fast-track to 'Cocked Pistol'.

Game over, except for the black smokers in the benthic depths.

Long term, with Homo Sap. v1.0, a planet is a Very Bad Idea.

The timescales for change on such a large biosphere are vastly slower than our attention spans. By the time we've got around to the idea of limiting CO2/population, we're at 40 Ttonnes in the oceans of the former, and 8 billion of the latter.

We're really really bad at living in (seemingly) infinite playpens, as we always think that there's another forest to cut down. Until there isn't.

No, planets are for the birds. To prosper we'll need to learn how to deal with finite (but large) resources. There are treasures for the taking in the inner solar system - but just going all Homo Sap. 1.0 Out There leads to the same problem. Understanding how to prosper in a cautious manner will help - understanding that more isn't always better, and working with what we *can* have, rather than what we want, might be the only answer.