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BlackTrans-Proud t1_ixg72l6 wrote

You reckon cellular life forms would wait out nuclear fallout underground?

If not immediately sterilizing you dont suppose enough radiation over time would cause cumulative damage to DNA & their evolution?


Few_Cat4214 t1_ixg82j3 wrote

A hell of a lot more than cells survived Chicxulub, I doubt we could even threaten all mammalian life, let alone the bacteria.


5t3fan0 t1_ixh24lr wrote

"damage" and changes to dna is exactly how evolution works


BlackTrans-Proud t1_ixj2tg6 wrote

A predictable and steady level of cosmic particles hitting dna though


BlueRoyAndDVD t1_ixgofcq wrote

There have been life forms found to use a form of melanin to actually absorb and use radiation as an energy source, in the chernobyl core.