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oxiraneobx t1_ixg7jb1 wrote

I totally agree with humans being the likely weapon of our own demise, and we may very well cause damage to the planet that lasts tens of thousands of years, even a hundred thousand years, but that's a miniscule amount of time the Earth has left as a habitable planet.

Best estimates are approximately 500 million year to one billion years of habitable time left before the Sun heats to the point life is no longer sustainable. The Earth has plenty of time to heal itself and allow other species to rise and fall.

As a planet, Earth is kinda middle-aged, 4.5 billion years old with an likely life of 7.5 - 8.0 billion years. Species are the fragile things here, not the Earth. It's fine, we're screwed, LOL!

As I write these numbers out and think generally how we are presently behaving as a species, I'm hoping we get to next Tuesday. Not worried the Earth, though.


DollyVarden2021 t1_ixhsfgd wrote

Excellent discussion. Unusual for this platform. 100k years is permanent in human terms. We could ignite enough nukes to destroy the atmosphere. Forever. Like Mars potentially. I like to think that you are correct, but, I think we could do end-game damage with the nukes we have. Hopefully, I am wrong.