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misanthrope_irl t1_ixghkkr wrote

First of all: perish. Second of all, no. People survived in the wilderness for most of human history. We removed ourselves from the natural elements because it's more comfortable and more safe. Sure, plenty-- probably most-- civilized people would not fare well and/or would perish. But this is not due to some sort of biological shortcoming. The simple fact is that it's due to a developed dependence on technology/shelter/civilization


One_King_4900 t1_ixhdhp6 wrote

Would we though? In this day, the only people living “wild” that we know about are in warm climates. Africa, Amazon, the pacific islands. However, they still need to make clothes for the wet seasons. They still need to make shelters. My point is put a family pet dog or cat in the wild and they will survive with just being them. We need to shelter ourselves from nature. We, in our natural naked form are very much defenseless against the elements of nature.


misanthrope_irl t1_ixijbu2 wrote

Right but due to the very same capacity for ingenuity and exploitation that is destroying the planet, we are capable of utilizing the resources of the natural world to provide ourselves with the shelter we require. If what you're saying was true, humanity never would have survived as a primitive species in the first place.