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Subtotalpark t1_ixghyws wrote

You mean 99.9% of the earth's population?


laughinghardatyou t1_ixh1x9k wrote

No, just the greedy corporate bastards and corrupt politicians. They rest of us can stay and make this place and the quality of life better.


VikingViik t1_ixgkfjy wrote

so you buy into the corporate narrative? That is that responsibility lies with "individuals" that have to be "sustainable" in their lives? That was a great marketing campaign from Fossil fuel corporations. They spend billions on this narrative.

Blaming individuals as the problem is not the solution. Study the problem you will see the solution.

The problem has been long in the making and blame absolutely goes to the greedy hoarders that put profit and power above the wellbeing individuals.

From education to law to space travel, it's all defined by corporation capitalism and profit just to serve their interests first. They have the resources to influence policy and governments on a global basis by corrupting political parties to the point that any side is meaningless to vote for and people only have the lesser of 2 evils to vote for or they are so disenfranchised that they don't bother anymore.

Here is a stat for you: more than 70% of the pollution from fossil fuels is caused by 100 corporations. These corporation are subsided and protected by worldwide goverments, they pay individual politicians and give funding to political parties in exchange of regulations that protect their profit as well as deviating the narrative.

Their days are numbered, the awakening is being forced on everyone, its gonna be exponential over the next 10 years and the more obvious consequences of the climate emergency affect more and more people.

Look at the narrative in the UK about immigration. How they are trying to create hate because of 50k "illegal" immigrant a year. A politician with ethnic background talking like a little Hitler when her family were immigrants and she benefit so directly. It's gonna be funny to see when the displacement of people due to climate starts to reach millions of people... what are we gonna do then? Build a wall and start shooting or cooperate and unite for real change.

All of this, based on a man made concept such as "economics" to help control people and create modern slavery. It may be by far the best system we've ever had, that doesn't mean that it's viable or that we cannot evolve it to something better.

Join your local climate rebellion. You don't have to take arrestable action but you can support those that put their lives on the line.


CaymanThrasher t1_ixgq06y wrote

There is a subreddit that has recognised this and is trying it’s hardest to raise awareness. Whilst this is obviously pro environment (their narrative being finance) it is hodling out for change to the system by trying to force the hand of the financial institutions that are crippling the economy who are using nefarious means and include government as a paid for friend/rule maker.


SirHerald t1_ixhe0qt wrote

Plenty of non wealthy just Iack the means to reach their worst potential. And the large amount of corporate pollution is in service to the masses.


VikingViik t1_ixhruov wrote

Of course there are plenty, if you don't change the rules of the game, people are gonna keep playing by the current rules, however, I do believe that social sciences are debunking a lot of things. Criminality would be greatly reduced under a different society for example. Just your post code deciding the likelyhood of illness, trauma and shorter lifespan.

There is a very interesting psychological study that I haven't found or read yet but mentioned by a professional to me, it looks at why people experiencing psychosis have completely different experiences in terms of what they hear and see. Western modern society the experience is very negative in comparison to other areas like rural Asia. The difference being that in Western modern society the psychosis can be dangerous to the individual with the condition but in the other side the individual able to live in harmony without medication where the voices may become songs and other positive voices.

I don't agree at all that the pollution is created for the service of the masses, corporations for a long time have become extremely efficient at creating "needs" for society, things that could be produced differently to have a different impact on pollution still being produced in a manner driven by profit. So many people they "need" so many things when in reality they are just luxuries or "wants".

Corporate pollution is always in service of profit and the bottom line always justifies the means.


lilrabbitfoofoo t1_ixhn0hh wrote

No, my guess is that shipping off less than 1% will do the trick...