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Strange-Ad1209 t1_ixguxj9 wrote

You can't terraform a planet that has no protective magnetic field to prevent the Solar wind from blowing the atmosphere away, and irradiating anyone on the surface with high energy particles from the nuclear fusion bombs going off by the 100 billion H Bombs per minute as the Sun is. There is less atmosphere on surface of Mars than at 180,000 feet on Earth and no active volcanism to help renew atmospheric losses to space.


Meta_or_Whatever t1_ixh752j wrote

I wish more people knew this and stopped parroting the terraforming colonizing of Mars line, it gets really old


mfb- t1_ixhj2pn wrote

  • Atmospheric loss on Mars has a timescale of 100 million years or more. It's not a concern for a society that has the tools to give it an atmosphere over a reasonable timescale.
  • A magnetosphere reduces some losses but increases others. It's not critical for an atmosphere. See Venus, no global magnetic field and a very thick atmosphere. Mars doesn't hold an atmosphere over billions of years simply because it's too small.

See this comment for more details and references.

/u/Meta_or_Whatever I wish fewer people would parrot this misconception.


dakd2 t1_iy1c9iu wrote

I guess nobody knows the reason why there is increase of magnetic field strengh on earth when there is stormy weather in space