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SirHerald t1_ixhe0qt wrote

Plenty of non wealthy just Iack the means to reach their worst potential. And the large amount of corporate pollution is in service to the masses.


VikingViik t1_ixhruov wrote

Of course there are plenty, if you don't change the rules of the game, people are gonna keep playing by the current rules, however, I do believe that social sciences are debunking a lot of things. Criminality would be greatly reduced under a different society for example. Just your post code deciding the likelyhood of illness, trauma and shorter lifespan.

There is a very interesting psychological study that I haven't found or read yet but mentioned by a professional to me, it looks at why people experiencing psychosis have completely different experiences in terms of what they hear and see. Western modern society the experience is very negative in comparison to other areas like rural Asia. The difference being that in Western modern society the psychosis can be dangerous to the individual with the condition but in the other side the individual able to live in harmony without medication where the voices may become songs and other positive voices.

I don't agree at all that the pollution is created for the service of the masses, corporations for a long time have become extremely efficient at creating "needs" for society, things that could be produced differently to have a different impact on pollution still being produced in a manner driven by profit. So many people they "need" so many things when in reality they are just luxuries or "wants".

Corporate pollution is always in service of profit and the bottom line always justifies the means.