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darkequation t1_iwpbugo wrote

I can't say I've seen many but Intersteller is my No.1


-AmbaaniKaBaap- t1_iwpoptt wrote

Best movie of all time. No other movie like that. A masterpiece from beginning to the very end.


jesternarf t1_iwr6dl9 wrote

The final dialogue and scene still gets to the point where I'm repressing tears of envy.

As the Red Hot Chili Peppers once said: "Space maybe the final frontier, but it's made in a Hollywood basement."

Great, now I'm depressed.


quarter_cask t1_iwpepd5 wrote

Moon with Sam Rockwell. And of course Contact, Alien and 2001


MrZorg58 t1_iws1s8w wrote

Moon was crazy. Well worth the watch.


The_Only_AL t1_iwpbhol wrote

I’m actually watching Apollo 13 right now and it’s up there, at least the science is correct. Movies like Gravity make me laugh.


RocketsLEO2ITS t1_iwpc5bf wrote

For a space non-fiction movie, I vote "Apollo 13." For a space fiction movie, "The Martian."


WorkO0 t1_iwpjntb wrote

It doesn't get a lot of love but I really enjoyed the recent First Man movie and rewatched it multiple times. Creative license was used a bit on the story but the atmosphere and visuals are great, especially since it's in 4K.


The_Only_AL t1_iwpk7og wrote

I’ve read the book several times, and the movie was pretty good, especially the music for the landing, it was so intense. I thought it focused a bit too much on Neil’s loss and so it was kind of depressing. Whilst Armstrong was deeply affected by the loss of his daughter and Ed White and other pilots, he was generally a very intense person but also really fun and goofy. A humble man, who was intensely focused on getting a job done right, and he loooved aircraft. He was universally well loved by almost everyone, a truly great man.


House13Games t1_iwrnto4 wrote

I felt the movie portrayed him multiple times like a rabbit in headlights, frozen and not reacting to what was going on, whereas I think the opposite was pretty much the case.

On the other hand, he did crash the LLRV, had the aborted gemini mission, had the most problems on a lunar landing, fluffed his lines on the moon, and flew them into gimbal lock during the docking. But he managed to get through most of these issues, too, so maybe that counts in the long run. I don't think any other astronaut had so many varied incidents in their career.


thisusedyet t1_iwpzslo wrote

Best scene has to be the engineers McGuyvering the filters.

Linking the whole scene for background, but the part I'm referencing starts 38 seconds in


The_Only_AL t1_iwq0ehp wrote

What struck me just watching was the sets, the attention to detail was incredible. They actually built the Command Module and LM on the Vomit Comet and all the weightless scenes were actual weightless scenes.


alakeya t1_iwpe474 wrote

Interstellar closely followed by Dune. They did such a good job with the Dune adaptation.


CityInevitable6800 t1_iwr0ikf wrote

Witch one movie ? The old version of lynch or the new one from Villeneuve ?


alakeya t1_iwtog95 wrote

The new Villeneuve one. While it was impressive what Lynch was able to do at his time, I found the acting in the old one a bit too exaggerated.


kahib_43 t1_iwsaxgm wrote

Dune was visually stunning but imo the energy level wasn't there even in the action scenes


alakeya t1_iwtoxg8 wrote

That’s understandable but personally it’s one of the reasons why I liked it. Its energy was completely different from most movies, it felt like I was experiencing the whole plot with Paul. Totally get not liking it for it tho, depends on our personal taste!


Opus_Majus t1_iwqraww wrote

Interstellar was quite horrible.


Slidshocking_Krow t1_iwra06k wrote

What didn't you like?

I thought it was well acted, Gorgeously scored, and the visuals were beautiful (not to mention the first decent mainstream sci-fi depiction of a black hole).


heyitsmeFR t1_iwpc478 wrote

2001 because that movie is soo abrupt and I love it.


Oztravels OP t1_iwpc6at wrote

And incredible when you consider when it was made.


PoppersOfCorn t1_iwpgq7w wrote

Even more incredible that the movie was made at the same time the novel was still being written and hence the subtle differences(going to Saturn vs. Jupiter)


dunbartonoaks t1_iwsbjdd wrote

Yes, 2001 hands down. I’m no movie historian but in my opinion that movie was the beginning of deep space special effects that we take for granted today. And they didn’t use CGI. Great story too.


p38-lightning t1_iwpbxwj wrote

Apollo 13. A true story as good as any fiction.


rexpup t1_iwu6yas wrote

Stunning movie. The launch scene is what I show people to help them "get" staging and why's it's done intuitively - as well as the tyranny of the rocket equation. If you listen to the actual director's loop, everyone is actually very cool and collected during the early engine 5 cutoff, but overall I think it's an excellent portrayal.


Mikinl t1_iwpbh7x wrote

Shallow or not I like Tv shows like Battlestar Galactica, The expanse and many others.


left_lane_camper t1_iwpc9vi wrote

BSG is great. The new series got kind of weird at the end, but the whole thing was so well done otherwise.


OsakaWilson t1_iwpgicv wrote

The writer's strike messed that up beyond retrieval, but the first two seasons were great.


RetiredCargo t1_iwperii wrote

I don’t know about movie, but the series For All Mankind is great


-Hominid- t1_iwpet0e wrote

The Expanse, hands down... it's a show tho.

Movie, probably Starship Troopers.


WorkO0 t1_iwpju3u wrote

Just rewatched Starship Troopers. Outer space scenes are a bit dated but the battle scenes, editing, purposeful cheesiness, Verhoeven shooting style, it's all still top notch.


thebackwash t1_iwpbsm0 wrote

Event Horizon certainly made the largest impact on me when I was a kid. Shit still gives me nightmares.


left_lane_camper t1_iwpcpu7 wrote

I love Event Horizon. One of the very best space horror movies with just the right amount of camp.

Also, [there is a longer, far gorier version that is lost]( Like, it was finished and test-screened to the horror of the audience and studio execs and no one has seen that cut since.

Warhammer 40k nerds also consider it canon in that universe, too.


Michaelbirks t1_iwphjyf wrote

Only some 40k nerds, although it does do a pretty good job of "the horror of the warp".


Ok-Difference1962 t1_iwqax0h wrote

Dune, Interstellar, The Martian and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


Meiseside t1_iwrq0pz wrote

>Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Have you read the book? The Film is ok, but the book....


Ok-Difference1962 t1_iws9gzk wrote

Yes, all of them! I like the movie, Douglas Adams co-wrote the screen play and the cast is awesome


LongStrangeJourney t1_iwpcsm2 wrote

Movie? Probably Interstellar or The Martian. Also Contact and Event Horizon.

Series: Firefly or The Expanse.


Ted_Fields t1_iwqg7p1 wrote

It’s not a movie, but the show For all mankind. I have enjoyed almost every episode. Not historically accurate and is a bit of sci-if, but solid show IMO.


OsakaWilson t1_iwpic3x wrote

Looks like I'm going to have to watch The Expanse.


Oztravels OP t1_iwpig4u wrote

Takes a while to get into the pace of it but it’s worth while.


hexadecimaldump t1_iwtcd4j wrote

Agreed, the first 2-3 episodes were a little hard to get on board, but after that you are hooked! The space battle scenes were so well done, and the character development was superb.


egregiouscodswallop t1_iwqh5by wrote

If you just mute every scene with James Holden, it's the perfect show. And then maybe reshoot scenes to give Naomi personality besides loving him for two of those middle seasons. Matter of fact, just rewrite the show without him in it. Double the amount of Amos and triple the amount of the pilot. If that's not enough, throw in a little extra Draper.


hexadecimaldump t1_iwtcplc wrote

I liked Holden. Amos and Draper were my favorites for sure, but I liked all of the main characters.


Popsickl3 t1_iwq18c8 wrote

Moon, starring Sam Rockwell is more Sci-Fi than "space" but it's great.


MacaroonEconomy654 t1_iwq50pt wrote

Interstellar; hands down, stars up, and wormholes open!


EducationalSyrup9298 t1_iwq3mq7 wrote

The Martian. (idk if anyone's posted this one yet, but it's my absolute favorite)


Abalamahalamatandra t1_iwri2wp wrote

I think I'd say The Martian is probably number one, but Silent Running is way up there for me as well.


ferrel_hadley t1_iwpg3ob wrote

Not a movie but the BBCs "The Space Race" is a docudrama that focusses on von Braun and Korolev and the race to the Moon.


Arasteele t1_iwqigj7 wrote

Lifelong Trekkie here, so of course honor decrees that I have to say all of the ST movies, and of course the original series.

One of my favorite sci-fi's from my childhood days (I'll be giving away my old age here) was a 1959 classic titled Angry Red Planet.

Not a movie (yet) but I'll shamelessly give a mention to the Mass Effect trilogy, my favorite space series of vgames of all time.


Xaqv t1_iwqk2k7 wrote

So shallow, it comes out the other side deeply - “Forbidden Planet” (with Walter Pidgeon, Ann Francis) had - first? - synthesizer soundtrack. Eerie!


Gastric__bypass t1_iwstwnw wrote

It’s also one of my favorites in general, 2001.


Cipher004 t1_iwpjbbt wrote

That’s a tough one, but keeping with the setting of this sub I’ll have to go with The Martian.

I’ll go with many others and say The Expanse for a series. It’s just too good.


Ok-Difference1962 t1_iwqb124 wrote

Dune, Interstellar, The Martian and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


sebadoom t1_iwqbm1m wrote

Interstellar, Moon, Event Horizon, Alien, Aliens, Sunshine, 2001, The Martian


comcain2 t1_iwqmmuo wrote

Apollo 13.

The HBO series about Project Apollo was also excellent.



backtotheland76 t1_iwqwma3 wrote

Firefly is my all time favorite. I'm not worried about the science for movies but the story. The expanse is my favorite series

Sure appollo 13 was probably the most accurate but science fiction is supposed to be some authors idea of what the future will be


Cerulean-880 t1_iwr56tr wrote

Surprised not to see First Man in the comments. Fantastic film!


Sk4rloey t1_iwr9tkf wrote

I'm joining the Interstellar club on this one. Christopher Nolan even had Kip Thorne to consult that movie cause he wanted it to be accurate. Massive respect for that.


Hustler-1 t1_iwra2rv wrote

Does Fifth Element count? That's my favorite movie of all time.


omero0700 t1_iwrdlxf wrote

Interstellar, Moon, The Martian, in that order.

Special mentions: Solaris, 2001: A Space Odyssey and [drum roll]... The Last Starfighter .


grungeman82 t1_iws02n0 wrote

I loved Moon! A very underrated movie in my opinion.


Pmatt3773 t1_iwsx31r wrote

  1. SPACEWALKER!!!(it's available for free on Tubi)! Trailer: Spacewalker(it was a Russian movie but here in America it was called "age of pioneers" with english subtitles but then they dubbed it in English and called it spacewalker, it was amazing!!!!) Amazing movie about the first space walk, absolutely incredible

  2. FIRST MAN Trailer Amazing movie about Apollo and Niel Armstrong

  3. GAGARIN FIRST IN SPACE trailer Amazing movie about Gagarins first flight

All these are my favorite and a must watch for any space fans!

And can i just say how happy I am that no one said the movie 'gravity' lol, or even worst 'moonfall' But to anyone reading if you have not seen these 3 movies you should watch them, they are amazing


Rantabella t1_iwtxm94 wrote

Raised by wolves is a very good Series executive produced by Ridley Scott


Oztravels OP t1_iwtxoek wrote

Loved the first season. Last season had me ready to poke my eyes out.


victorysword t1_iwretx4 wrote

Interstellar by far but I also really enjoyed First Man.


StrangeOldHermit77 t1_iwrh85p wrote

Contact isn’t my number one, but hadn’t seen it listed.


House13Games t1_iwrod89 wrote

Salyut-7. It's unashamedly campy at times, but the spacewalk scenes are better than those in Gravity, the spaceship interiors are fantastic, its based on a true story, and its got a class and style of its own. Big plus that its not a hollywood action flick. If you haven't seen it you really should!

The director also recently flew to the ISS and shot a lot of footage for his next movie, can't wait to see that.


NecroK1ng t1_iwrzv0u wrote

1.Aliens 1986 2.Predator 1987 3.Predator 2 1997


grungeman82 t1_iws0807 wrote

Can't decide between Interstellar and Apollo XIII.


munchanything t1_iwsa46c wrote

Maybe not the amswer you expect because it's a documentary, but "The Farthest". Amazes me that we did that, and how far it's traveled, yet how small that is in the cosmic scale.


kahib_43 t1_iwsasm6 wrote

2 that star Sam Rockwell moon and also a hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy , All of the Riddick movies and John Carter I feel is an underated good one


CSS_usedbandage t1_iwsq3cz wrote

Not a movie but a series - Legend Of Galactic Heroes


salsation t1_iwsws3y wrote

Why is nobody talking about The Black Hole?! This ends the discussion, no?


hexadecimaldump t1_iwtc09n wrote

Not a movie, but the best space entertainment in general is The Expanse.
Realistic physics, gripping storylines, amazing visuals, characters who are flawed but you still root for.


Kuromicutie__ t1_iwtg72w wrote

The Martian idk that movie just is so good and I catch watch so many times


arawakanEsthete t1_iwq3wyu wrote

Sunshine (2007) with Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans. It's one of my favorite movies of all times and I always think about the "if you wake up and it's a particularly beautiful sunny day you'll know that we made it" at least twice a day.


Odd_so_Star_so_Odd t1_iwteh8h wrote

Well you'll first have to pick between the sci-fi and looks-like-sci-fi but is actually real footage.


Hextremist t1_iwtnrjz wrote

Since nobody else mentioned it I must say The Right Stuff.