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blackbarminnosu t1_ix5oe71 wrote

NASA have a lot to learn from space x when it comes to promotion. People want to see cool videos


HiHungry_Im-Dad t1_ix6tm40 wrote

That really is something NASA needs to get better at - hype and selling itself


Pharisaeus t1_ix7mq5g wrote

Compared to other agencies like ESA I would argue that NASA is doing a great job at self-promotion. Lots of Europeans don't even know ESA exists, and 99% won't be able to tell you where any of the sites are located, while most people somehow know about NASA's KSC and JPL.

In terms of scientific organizations I'm not sure if there is one that rivals NASA in terms of recognizability, perhaps CERN, but that's about it.


HiHungry_Im-Dad t1_ix7mxb2 wrote

NASA is generally seen in a good light, but there’s many corners of the internet that think we should get rid of it and let private companies take over. You’d also be surprised how many people say “NASA? Are they still around?” A surprising number of Americans don’t know that NASA is still doing things.


Pharisaeus t1_ix7mk9r wrote

The issue is SpaceX is a private company and they can do whatever they want. NASA is publicly funded and they have to give a very strict summary of expenses and "making cool videos" is not part of their mandate, so they simply can't spend money on it.


joshsreditaccount t1_ix835b9 wrote

what do you mean they didn’t hype it up, they had over 400k viewers on just the main youtube live stream, and the general public isn’t going to care until they’re landing humans