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GreatSkyGig t1_iy1pef4 wrote

And the same time it feels like we’re alone in the universe.


Routine_Shine_1921 t1_iy18lpy wrote

Most likely all of them has at least one mars, if not multiple. The truly amazing possibility is that at least some of them could have an earth.


StrangeTangerine1525 t1_iy1lwxo wrote

I don't know about that, many of those stars in the photo are larger blue hued stars, which may not be conducive to the formation of planets. And for another, there is only one Mars in the solar system, and since we lack data on all other planets besides the ones in our systems, its best to assume that most stars only have one Mars type planet (desert, subsurface water ice, former ocean etc). Red dwarves (stars that are most likely to form planets of low mass) are pretty much invisible in this picture, due to their faintness.


Acuate187 OP t1_iy0sc8o wrote

Taken last week with my EOS and 50mm 1.8 stopped down to 2.8. 50 1min exposures 800 ISO


Elfere t1_iy0v0l9 wrote

Omg I miss living in a city where I can see more then 20 stars.


notenoughroomtofitmy t1_iy2p6n8 wrote

Nice pic!!

Mars seems to be in a location void of stars. Is that a processing artifact or just happenstance that it was located in a slightly dark spot in the sky?


Rhodog1234 t1_iy2130f wrote

Is that Uranus to the upper left of Mars ( Light blue in color ) ...or maybe Neptune ?


Acuate187 OP t1_iy2arqt wrote

Thats the star Elnath I think.


Rhodog1234 t1_iy2bhwd wrote

Thanks... Sorry but my knowledge of heavenly bodies' names is limited to our home system for the most part