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WackyBones510 t1_iwqv9ex wrote

Information as in something created by intelligence or could it be naturally occurring information? I guess for this purpose idk what “information” means.


Chimalez t1_iwr4izd wrote

Information as in, a structure (either physical, electromagnetic, or otherwise) that contains a recognizable pattern that can be used to discern data contained within. For example, a molecule emitting a specific electromagnetic frequency, at a specific strength, in conjunction with millions of other molecules, to form an idea.

That's the best description I can think of.


QVRedit t1_iwsgoic wrote

Consider a single electron — it has mass and charge and spin and location-ish, and momentum-ish. (Here ‘ish’ meaning that’s somewhat fuzzy)

An electron requires multiple bits of information to describe it.

Although in some senses all electrons are identical.