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TheKingsPride t1_j23fi1y wrote

Have happened, continue to happen, will happen.


DefNotANerd t1_j23guyg wrote

I guess my point is it seems a bit defetist attitude for this subreddit. We should dream big


TheKingsPride t1_j23gxuc wrote

I think dreaming big is a great ideal. I just don’t think you should trust the Saudis of all regimes with those dreams. Not with their long history of oppression, corruption, and human rights violations. You’re basically trusting the dingo with your baby at that point.


DefNotANerd t1_j23hg3y wrote

Im not saudi so i cant comment. I know what the media says but ultimately i also know how reliable the media is in my field of expertise (its not)


TheKingsPride t1_j23hsa6 wrote

All you need to do is look at the Burj Khalifa or Palm Islands to see how this will turn out. A massive vanity project built on blood and serving no purpose. The Burj Khalifa is actually a massive joke. It has a constant line of trucks pumping septic waste out of the building because they didn’t even bother making a sewer for it. It has a fucking poem dedicated to its own might and glory in the lobby. It’s entirely the vanity project of rich princes, the product of oil and blood. They’re not going to make this happen.