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DanielJStein OP t1_j1m0lhe wrote

This image is a combination of 258 long exposure photos. 257 were all taken back to back at 30 seconds, then I left the camera in the exact same spot and waited until blue hour to take another shot for the foreground. This allowed me to capture the peak fall colors in the valley below as well as the itty bitty little fog.

If you are planning to visit the ADK in the future, please be sure to leave no trace!


DelcoPAMan t1_j1m4x6m wrote

Nicely done.

And yes, always leave no trace.


HMJebus t1_j1m7cvr wrote

What do you use to combine the individual pics afterwards?


Davegardner0 t1_j1m94f7 wrote

Would love to know the answer to this too. Also I wonder if it's possible to automate all the separate exposures?


Zvenigora t1_j1npt65 wrote

Yes. You can use a remote with an intervalometer setting.


pappu_bhosdi_69 t1_j1qypwg wrote

wdym by leave no trace? don't leave rubbish there or something else?


unclefishbits t1_j1m32dn wrote


Snatez t1_j1m5pt2 wrote

God is a painter and I can prove. What an amazing pic.


Awkward_Smile7 t1_j1m6b59 wrote

OMG a tutorial on how to take such a photo would be amazing!!


likmbch t1_j1nalyz wrote

Point camera in direction for long time. Set to long exposure, low iso, large aperture. Success.


JF-SEBASTION t1_j1mhmrc wrote

Can’t even fathom how you do this but it’s AMAZING!!! Nicely done


yoloswagbot191 t1_j1ozc30 wrote

What did you use to compile the image? I’m learning to do this now and started using starstax to try to achieve this result.

Amazing work !