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Erinalope t1_j1e0rtp wrote

Zero. It won’t change a thing because the size and distance. The moon is the moon big and even it’s shadow doesn’t cover the planet. If shadows like that had an effect on climate change we’d know. The number of sunspots have a greater effect on atmospheric temperatures.

Also, it’s climate change, not global warming. The fact that the climate is changing from its balance is what’s causing crazy weather swings. We are not looking to take direct action against climate change from space. It’s just not feasible unless we put a GIGANTIC solar array at L1, like moon big.


danielravennest t1_j1etlvi wrote

"Global Warming" is a thing, but it has been around as long as Earth has been a water planet. The average temperature across the Moon is -15C, and the Earth would be too but for water being a greenhouse gas. So the average temperature actually is +15C.

But the oceans are all water, and even much of the land has water as ice or soil moisture. So the atmosphere is saturated with water, and any excess falls out of the sky (rain, snow, fog, etc.)

The reason CO2 and other greenhouse gases are a problem is they are not saturated, and accumulating.