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ausnee t1_j0n7fxe wrote

They've made the BE-4s that power ULA's new Vulcan rocket.

My thoughts is that they'll let that fly for a bit to work out the kinks then go fully in on New Glenn afterwards.


CannaCosmonaut t1_j0pwt6q wrote

SpaceX may make it look easy, but designing and building flight-ready full-flow staged combustion cycle engines is no joke. These people need more Tim Dodd in their lives so they can fully appreciate the gravity (pun intended) of that accomplishment.

They also have New Glenn coming up, and as slow as that's going, I bet it will fly sooner or later and have it's place on the market. Orbital Reef is also really exciting, if for no other reason than the fact that a lot of young and talented engineers will get to cut their teeth on those projects and take that invaluable experience to bigger and more advanced structures.