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tackleberry2219 t1_j23n16m wrote

Why can’t I ever hear about these things BEFORE they happen?


pastey83 t1_j23nb14 wrote

Some times that's worse. I knew about it in advance: 100% cloud cover...


Ok-disaster2022 t1_j23xgo2 wrote

Dude I live right in the path of the upcoming solar eclipse. At least I know when it will be cloudy a couple years from now


Huachinangoo t1_j24ywxe wrote

Oh man. I lived right on the edge of totality during the last eclipse. There is a town about an hour away that was dead in the center. Hotels were booked solid over a year in advance. People came from all over the world. It got completely rained out.


crazylikeaf0x t1_j24z3tx wrote

Edge of Totality is definitely the name of my band.


Wants_to_be_accepted t1_j24zp7r wrote

Funny it's the name of my sex tape.


Joeva8me t1_j2514ig wrote

Funny, I thought it was “one is the loneliest number”


SpiffyBlizzard t1_j25bid3 wrote

We were dead center in Western Neb and it was perfectly clear. Most incredible experience of my life outside of the birth of my child.


coolreg214 t1_j26bcea wrote

They should have offered a rain check and scheduled it for another day!


dc551589 t1_j262lmm wrote

Yeah, I’m in the northeast US and I’m 100% committed to seeing totality in 2024 (weather permitting lol).


altitudearts t1_j27hkp7 wrote

If you’re in the Midwest, you may want to head to Texas or Mexico. Clouds, right?

We got a place east of Dallas for that auspicious day. Hoping for clear skies.


beef-o-lipso t1_j23snkx wrote

Local forecast for the night of the Geminid is the same for me. I need a new hobby.


WrongJohnSilver t1_j24ebzc wrote

When's the best time to witness a meteor shower?

January, between 1 and 3 am. In the bitter, cloudy cold.


beef-o-lipso t1_j25jrgv wrote

You know it. Bundle up in half your clothes, grab a hot non-alcoholic drink (alcohol lowers body temp), get a lawn chair, and enjoy the show.

Brag to your friends the next day about your commitment. :-)


CDBSB t1_j27x0tn wrote

Yeah, but the alcoholic drinks make the showers more fun. 😉


pastey83 t1_j23u9mi wrote

I frequently look at my telescope and think, should have bought a piano 🤣🤣🤣🤣


ImpossibleMachine3 t1_j24w4p4 wrote

I know how you feel. My wife got me a brand new telescope for my birthday this year. A couple of weeks later I read about the "last lunar eclipse on the east coast of the US for years" and it was happening at a time and place I'd be able to see it! With my new telescope! I got up around 4am, checked out the sky - full moon, clear sky, absolutely beautiful. Another hour until the eclipse... So I used the bathroom, went back inside.

When it was time for the eclipse,... Completely overcast. And it stayed that way until dawn. Ugh.


albene t1_j23u83m wrote

I didn’t know about it in advance but I don’t feel so bad since there was cloud cover for me too


CokeDiesel4 t1_j24e0qw wrote

One time there was supposed to be a rocket launch I could see from my house which hasn't happened in decades and they cancelled it due to weather and moved it somewhere else.


QuimmLord t1_j25f20i wrote

Or the phenomenons happen at like 3:57am when I’m dead asleep and don’t feel like going out in 20° weather


pastey83 t1_j25gm59 wrote

My summer was like that, all the actual clear nights had shit going on in the wee hours. And in several cases I slept on my couch in the failed hope of "staying up"


PersnickityPenguin t1_j26pce2 wrote

Its been raining here for like a week straight, but the article did say this last happened in june…


wave_327 t1_j295dgz wrote

Same here. At least I got to see the Moon and Jupiter close together


Foreign_Astronaut t1_j254w9p wrote

Saaaaame. I have also never seen a lunar eclipse in person, such is my luck with cloud cover.


bunnyrut t1_j25chg1 wrote

That had been every sky event in the past 20 years for me. I feel like I am cursed.

Amazing meteor shower? Overcast. Comet? Raining. Lunar eclipse? Sorry, it's cloudy tonight. Solar eclipse? Lol, cloudy again.

Wanna see all the planets in the sky with your naked eye? Syke!

I'll just look at all the awesome pictures everyone else is taking.


lemonade124 t1_j241qps wrote

Weather has nothing to do with knowing in advance


Salty__Business t1_j250s96 wrote

Whoa, you're telling me that knowledge of a thing doesn't inexplicably alter the outcome? That can't possibly be right...

If you knew about it ahead of time, got excited about it, then couldn't see anything due to clouds, you'd be pretty disappointed. In that case, it would be less disappointing if you hadn't known about it at all.


Myopic_Cat t1_j23nlhk wrote

Just go out and have a look tonight instead. Planets move a bit across the sky from day to day, but not very quickly. They will be in practically the same positions as yesterday.


ackermann t1_j255mjh wrote

Yeah, shouldn’t this last a few days, at least? Maybe even a week?

Mercury and Venus are the only ones that move particularly fast. And even they won’t move too far in a day or two.


Riegel_Haribo t1_j23q8dc wrote

Because this is a non-event event. Venus will be setting right after sunset for the next month, while Mars rises, the events that frame the other planets in the sky - and needing you to go out at just the right time to see both (everything but Venus already being visible for the last half of this year).

Also, Uranus and Neptune are not "visible" to the naked eye, and Mercury is a challenge.

So: Venus in twilight if no trees are in the way. Opposite side of the sky, there's Mars. Between, Jupiter and Saturn.


KristnSchaalisahorse t1_j25din0 wrote

For those interested in seeing Uranus & Neptune, it’s relatively simple to spot them with a normal pair of binoculars (and a night sky app or star chart for reference).


[deleted] t1_j23qvx2 wrote



ImpossibleMachine3 t1_j24wxnb wrote

I noticed. I sold you that three pack of healing potions at a discount because you saved my kid from those goblins, remember?


psgrue t1_j250tcv wrote

Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks


Kaeligos t1_j25enae wrote

I was also there, I imbued your staff with some runestones I found in a cave after you healed me from my unknown sickness.


psgrue t1_j25r4gz wrote

Oh you’re too modest. Just slicing the previous owner’s arm off at the shoulder doesn’t make it mine. I swung it like a Louisville Slugger. You made it sing (and fireball). It’s yours now. Keep it.


duke0fearls t1_j24lqyo wrote

I have yet to see an article like this until after the event… and I literally was just looking at the moon through my scope last night!!! Just didn’t think to look for Uranus and Neptune smh


doglywolf t1_j24p5no wrote

there are apps and sms notifications you can sign up for for that .

Literally one called space events that you can even tell your location and will notifity you when cool things are coming you would be able to see from your area.


I used to feel the exact same way like id see news article about something cool that happened YESTERDAY and have this $1200 scope sitting in my closet that i never take out and be mad about it .


thebookofdewey t1_j258iwq wrote

Yeah, what a stupid article. You could have seen this yesterday, OR the day before. To see it, you would have had to look this direction. Worthless to me now!


dog_servant t1_j262j2b wrote

Head on over to and download it. I've used for about 20 years and it's only gotten better. Pick a place, pick a time, enjoy the night sky!


PurpleSunCraze t1_j27aagd wrote

If you can see it at all you’re lucky. I live in Las Vegas, if all of these planets exploded I likely still wouldn’t be able to see them.


danm67 t1_j27wazs wrote

Some distance outside Las Vegas you should be able to see plenty.


the-vindicator t1_j25mbwq wrote

FYI there will be a total solar eclipse over the eastern United States April 8th 2024


Olaf_the_Giant t1_j25nk15 wrote

They don’t happen by accident. Google the dates for the next few occurrences and mark them on your calendar so you don’t forget.


a_cute_epic_axis t1_j266oia wrote

I feel like this is the third time this year this rare event happened or one that is almost the damn same.

Like how every year the (insert name here) meteor shower will be the (insert nonsensical and possibly not even true platitude) of our lifetime. My favorite was one where the claim was something like "there are estimated to be more meteors than any other time in the past" and included a diagram of the sky on where to look, but omitted the full moon that almost perfectly coincided with the apparent source of the meteor shower.


o0keith0o t1_j26eoa0 wrote

Dont stress, them all being in the visible sky at the same time is cool but not super practical for veiwing them " all at the same time "


Bioslug t1_j24i8v1 wrote

It says right in the article that this isn’t rare.

“The planet parade is not an extremely rare occurrence — it tends to happen at least every couple of years. In fact, the eight-planet alignment last happened in June.”


stanspaceman t1_j251g2x wrote

You're mistaken. Yes the last one was also this year, but the next one isn't for another decade. They are quite rare.


greengolfballs t1_j25ibbs wrote

The one earlier this year didn’t include Neptune or Uranus (which the author neglected to mention). Still counts as a “parade”, but 8 together is super uncommon. The next 8-parade (see my other comment) is in 2040 and the one after that is 800 years later.


smurficus103 t1_j2537h1 wrote

It does take time for Jupiter and Saturn to line up


Firestorm83 t1_j253n3x wrote

Let's say every decade; so that would have happened rougly 450.000.000 times in the earths lifespan. Wouldn't call that a rare occurence


Zigazig_ahhhh t1_j25402h wrote

Idk man, if you go to the movies once a decade wouldn't you say you go rarely?


Cpt_James_Holden t1_j2561ip wrote

Different time scales. A decade for me is like a millisecond for the solar system in terms of lifespan.


No-Fail830 t1_j25bsxj wrote

Yeah but it’s rare to us which is who the information is being conveyed to. The earth doesn’t plan to read the article, nor does it give a shit.


Zigazig_ahhhh t1_j25v2ln wrote

Okay but most people in here are humans, not solar systems.


denada24 t1_j27zluq wrote

But, we aren’t known for having solar system lifespans. So, rare, indeed, for humans.


stanspaceman t1_j25i7b2 wrote

Your algebra is very impressive but your ability to understand basic conversational quantities is lacking.


YouthMin1 t1_j27t9zw wrote

After 2040 it’ll be 800 years before it happens again.


greengolfballs t1_j25hdwm wrote

Which didn’t include Uranus or Neptune. If you read that article, it was only the planets you can see without a telescope: i.e. Mercury Venus, (Earth), Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Still reasonably uncommon though, especially in that exact order.

Seeing any three planets in the same part of the sky is trivial. Happens all the time..

But seeing seven (plus earth) is exceptionally uncommon. It will happen again in 2040 and after that 2854.

Neptune and Uranus have the longest orbits (165 and 84 earth years respectively) so most of the time they’re not in sync AND you’ve got to wait for the other giants and inner planets to be on the same side of the sun too, so you can understand the rarity.

A parade is not the same as an alignment by the way. An alignment is when the planets (from earth’s perspective) line up within a narrowly defined margin of one another. If that margin is one degree of arc for example, you could expect all 8 planets to align once every 13.4 trillion years. Which is to say, never, because that’s 1000x the current age of the entire universe. On the plus side, the sun will become a red giant, engulfing Mercury and Venus within that time, meaning fewer planets and thus slightly higher chances of alignment. Then again the earth will be consumed too, so, you know, c'est la mort.


cursed_rumor t1_j28wg87 wrote

well gee i better hope its not cloudy that day in 2040


mistere213 t1_j24ry1d wrote

I did catch the lineup back in June and it was great. I got my 6 year old daughter a legit telescope for Christmas, so we took it out to the countryside at 4am on a Saturday. It was the first time either of us had seen the rings of Saturn with our own eyes and it was a magical moment to share with my little girl. She even wanted to do it the next morning (but clouds weren't allowing it).


ChateauNeufDePap t1_j262lg3 wrote

Amazing, what a lovely memory you now have with her.


mistere213 t1_j263eov wrote

It was pretty magical, for sure. Plus, the movie nap on the couch when we got home was great!


Cool_Eth t1_j27op08 wrote

Which telescope? I’m trying to get one specifically to see the rings. Even have a little girl now too!


WinkyTheFrog t1_j246i2e wrote

what's astrology say about this one? am i gonna have a rich smart baby who becomes president of the northern hemisphere?


OtisTetraxReigns t1_j247gof wrote

Something about challenges. Also some opportunities. You will meet a stranger. Also you will hear from an old friend. You may experience some loss. But also, some new stuff will show up. Honesty will be required, but it may be necessary to keep some secrets. Change is coming. But also not.


Mackheath1 t1_j24dyoo wrote

I (disappointingly) have two close friends who buy into it. I don't shame them or anything of course, but listening to them when they get together is... is something else. "You'll be a teacher to someone this week." // "oooh I WILL, because my daughter has--" etc.


ShatteredCitadel t1_j24hgji wrote

It’s not different then those who follow religion. The vast majority of the world finds comfort in it.

I would not be disappointed in friends who fell in line with the world in such a common way.


Mackheath1 t1_j24nkmb wrote

Exactly why I stay quiet about it and about it with my religious friends - if it's not harming you or anyone else, I'll just watch from the sideline.


xxx_pussyslayer_420 t1_j24s20r wrote

So basically having your fortune told is being told of various possibilities and events that befall everyone. I guess sometimes people need to hear it to find comfort and hope. I don't see why fortune tellers these days can't just go with that angle:

"what I am about to tell you is what befalls everyone at some point in their lives. This may happen to you some day or maybe it won't but know of these things so you may always be prepared." - turns on fog machine


Mackheath1 t1_j28rjgx wrote

Yes. I have a friend who occasionally goes to 'psychics'. At first I wanted to ask, "Uh, how much do you pay them??" But after hearing her description about how they talk about her relationships, worries, stresses, hopes, etc.

The psychic who sees many people a day, doesn't give her false promises or anything, but is more like a therapist. And honestly, in this particular situation, I'd say better than a therapist. And cheaper.


2C104 t1_j24ttnp wrote

Annnnd of course, they didn't include a picture.


KmartQuality t1_j25uz50 wrote

It's not something that can fit in a picture.

It's literally a swath of the entire perfectly clear night sky, from horizon to horizon, just before dawn or just after dusk.

It's all the planets one one side of the solar system (the night side as viewed from earth)


a_cute_epic_axis t1_j266y2u wrote

Imagine if someone invented a way to take large pictures across the night sky. Perhaps they could call it like a panorama or something?


KmartQuality t1_j26j2zq wrote

That would be a VERY difficult picture to obtain and you'd still only see dots of light, and it wouldn't fit on your screen.


a_cute_epic_axis t1_j26jhs2 wrote

It really wouldn't be hard at all to obtain if you have one location that can see the entire relevant section of the sky without obstruction, although you would indeed see mostly just dots of light. For illustrative purposes (assuming you don't want to make a literal drawn illustration), you could take a picture with some understandable foreground and then enhance or mark up the photo to point out what it would look like. A drawn illustration or a screenshot from planetarium software would be easier, of course.


KmartQuality t1_j26jrqi wrote

That's a LOT more work than writing an article that says hope it's clear and look up tonight.

I don't see you paying any subscription money.


a_cute_epic_axis t1_j26lxov wrote

> That's a LOT more work than writing an article that says hope it's clear and look up tonight.

That's true but you said

> It's not something that can fit in a picture.

Which is bullshit because you certainly can. In fact you can take all of them in just three shots with an 18mm kit lens, well within the range of most people who would care to stand on a hill and take a picture. Obtaining a picture isn't hard at all, and you could probably do it in 10 shots zoomed in on the same kit lens, then stitch it with free or low cost software online. It's not going to be the JWST, but "not something that can fit in a picture" and "VERY difficult" are BS.

> I don't see you paying any subscription money.

I'm not sure how you determine that, but that said if I wanted that picture, I'd just go take it. Astro mounts for a camera are relatively cheap.


KmartQuality t1_j26mser wrote

Take the picture for us.

Document how long it took you and the cloud conditions that night, and your normal rate of pay for work, and your equipment and price for it.

I stand ready to be corrected. I expect quality, publishable images.


otter111a t1_j23qs98 wrote

It’s not all that rare. A day like this happens every year


olearygreen t1_j23zaqv wrote

Wait… how? Wouldn’t that require all planets to have the same speed traveling around the sun? You need the inner planets between earth and sun, or behind the sun from our perspective which sure I can see that happening all the time unless they are hidden behind the sun itself. But the outer planets would need to be behind the sun from earth’s perspective, no? If they are on “our side” of the sun then we cannot see them together with the inner planets?

I need an ELI5 picture or video explaining to me how this is not a rare event.


ChaoticAgenda t1_j241t65 wrote

A "planet parade" doesn't have to be the same planets or same configuration each time. The parade can also be as small as 3 planets. So a parade happens when at least 3 of the 8 planets line up. That's not very uncommon.

This planetary parade has 5 planets in it and that does make it notable and uncommon. The last one like it was in 2002 and the next one is expected in 2040,


olearygreen t1_j246pi8 wrote

Well yes. Was talking about all of them. Technically from the moon at night you would see all planets with a bit of luck not getting blocked by earth.


sanjosanjo t1_j24bhfo wrote

The article says that the other seven were in a line, and that it last happened six months ago. I remember a Redditor posted a picture he took during that event.


otter111a t1_j2430qf wrote

I’m no expert. I just read this in an article.

Here’s a map.

Let’s logic this out. Right now and for quite a few years Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus will all be on the same side of the sun. Mercury would join them very frequently.

So really the problem becomes one of Venus and mars joining them on that side of the sun or at some apparent angle that it looks like they’re all grouped up from earth’s perspective.

Mars’ orbital period of 687 days would put it on that side every other year but then it would also linger there for an extended period. Venus would saunter into view and eventually Mercury would zip over.


olearygreen t1_j246igz wrote

Awesome. This makes sense. I read it as it’s fairly frequent now because the outer planets are all on the other side hanging out, which is lucky but not frequent in galactic terms.


sanjosanjo t1_j24c8ml wrote

The article says it happened six months ago, so that was probably when Mars was at the other end of this alignment.


smurficus103 t1_j2549t0 wrote

The issue is Jupiter has a period of 12 years and saturn 29 years. They can be on opposite ends of the sky for quite a while, one visible in winter and one visible in summer


Songhunter t1_j24nmew wrote

As the scrolls foretold! The age of indigo is upon us!


Mn2511 t1_j24bulz wrote

The planets are feeling emboldened and parading around their gaseous bodies


EdenG2 t1_j257gxd wrote

Christmas night watched sun set over Catalina Island. Jupiter appeared first. Five planets visible. It was something.


because_of_ghosts t1_j24jde2 wrote

I would have loved to see this when it was new but no, we have the new Redditbook, where your stupid default sort view is always popular rather than whatever you’d rather it be.


KmartQuality t1_j25vef8 wrote

Wtf is reddit book?

Reddit if Fun remembers your preferences.


because_of_ghosts t1_j25znd5 wrote

It’s what I call reddit. Combo of redddit and Facebook, referencing Facebooks unpopular function of only showing you news it thinks you want versus most recent. Essentially another method to try to control the flow of information to users.


KmartQuality t1_j26j9cz wrote

Reddit seems less evil than the others. The sucky part is that reddit search sucks.

I'll take the trade .. I think.


meexley2 t1_j24tvn5 wrote

Why do I feel like I see 2-3 of these “once in a life time” events in the news


Yikidee t1_j284lc0 wrote

Nah, that is just climate change these days.


BareNakedSole t1_j25v5tg wrote

I’ve watched enough bad sci-fi movies to know this is not good


KmartQuality t1_j25umkk wrote

Is there any sort of grand effect of having all those planets on one side of the sun? Does the solar system wobble?


PeterServo t1_j2854jr wrote

If only the sky wasn't cloudy 90% of the time.


Occulus1975 t1_j25css7 wrote

Crap, even CBS News does the back-button hijack now?

Guess I'll never visit them again. Immediate forever blacklist with that crap.


DildoDouchBaggins t1_j25mdk3 wrote

Thanks for letting us know! I've spent weeks wondering what your reaction to this was going to be. My family and friends can now rest easy knowing that you've taken this incredibly important stand. Let me be the first to say, Bravo. Can't wait to get your input on the other pressing issues of the day!


wbruce098 t1_j2773ti wrote

They rally round their orbits… with a pocket full of shells! Planets on parade. ✊🏼


Hot_Kaleidoscope7091 t1_j27zxdk wrote

Agreed with “tackleberry2219”, it would be nice to hear about it B-4 it happened. I have a Granddaughter that already knows all of the Clouds Names that are in the sky, & she was only 5 years old at the time. Both She & I would have loved to C that amazing Planetary Lineup in the Heavens.


TonguePop86 t1_j284eq0 wrote

I wish they would update these solar system images. We don't have a flat solar system plane lol.