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Ok-disaster2022 t1_j23xgo2 wrote

Dude I live right in the path of the upcoming solar eclipse. At least I know when it will be cloudy a couple years from now


Huachinangoo t1_j24ywxe wrote

Oh man. I lived right on the edge of totality during the last eclipse. There is a town about an hour away that was dead in the center. Hotels were booked solid over a year in advance. People came from all over the world. It got completely rained out.


crazylikeaf0x t1_j24z3tx wrote

Edge of Totality is definitely the name of my band.


Wants_to_be_accepted t1_j24zp7r wrote

Funny it's the name of my sex tape.


Joeva8me t1_j2514ig wrote

Funny, I thought it was “one is the loneliest number”


SpiffyBlizzard t1_j25bid3 wrote

We were dead center in Western Neb and it was perfectly clear. Most incredible experience of my life outside of the birth of my child.


coolreg214 t1_j26bcea wrote

They should have offered a rain check and scheduled it for another day!


dc551589 t1_j262lmm wrote

Yeah, I’m in the northeast US and I’m 100% committed to seeing totality in 2024 (weather permitting lol).


altitudearts t1_j27hkp7 wrote

If you’re in the Midwest, you may want to head to Texas or Mexico. Clouds, right?

We got a place east of Dallas for that auspicious day. Hoping for clear skies.